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 What is Sensitive Skin?

Have you ever experienced red patches on your skin? Even a tight, itchy sensation? All these are signs of sensitive skin. While many people can occasionally have skin reactions to one product or another, people who constantly experience such reactions undoubtedly have a sensitive skin type.   Not sure what your skin type is? Take this free Skin ID test to know what your skin type is and what your skin issue is. 


What causes Sensitive Skin?

Sensitive skin can be caused by a variety of reasons, but major concern arises with damage to skin barrier. Moisture deficiency caused by constant exposure to harsh skin care, dry atmosphere and unprotected exposure to sun can disrupt the skin barrier.

A damaged skin barrier can not filter foreign particles from seeping into the skin that come in contact with nerve endings, irritating them and resulting in redness, blotchiness and patchy skin.

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 How to detect Sensitive Skin?

In most cases, skin sensitivity can be confused with an occasional rash or skin changes. Here are the major symptoms of sensitive skin, signs that prove your skin is in need of extra care:

  • Skin flushes easily
  • Often feels dry and tight
  • Patches of redness that may or may not fade
  • Skin care products sting or burn
  • Skin has an uneven texture with dry and flaky skin
  • Sensitive to UV rays and extreme weather

What Makes Sensitive Skin Worse?


First, scratching irritated skin or picking on scabs. Constantly touching your face can expose your skin to bacterial contact. Second, unprotected exposure to UV rays can further irritate your skin. Finally, using skin care products without checking their ingredients can trigger skin sensitivity.

Sensitive Skin 101

  • Daily moisturizing can counter skin dryness by adding and retaining moisture. It creates a shield that restores and repairs the natural skin barrier.  
  • SPF protects your skin from harmful rays that initiate irritation. It not only prevents your skin from drying out, but also counters premature signs of ageing.
  • Refrain from using products that contain alcohol or perfumes as they are a common trigger for sensitive skin

How SkinKraft Can Help? 

The customised routine, formulated with ingredients specially suited for your skin, will restore the quality and health of your skin.

Our cleansers and moisturisers are rich in moisturising agents such as emollients and ceramides that relieve irritation and dryness. In case of any specific skin concern, your customised active cream will counter and prevent further development.

You can always take your Skin ID test and find out what exactly your skin type is and what's your skin issue. Click on the button below! 


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