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Dry skin is a very common concern characterized by lack of moisture and natural oils in the epidermis, outer layer of the skin. A deficiency in skin’s natural oils leads to low water retention capacity, thereby, drying out skin. Added to this, external factors such as temperature, pollution have a profound effect on water retention capacity of your skin.  

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Many times, dry skin does not indicate underlying skin concerns, but can simply be the result of a harsh soap, hot showers, and misused moisturizer. Overall health, age, genetics, and family history also determine the appearance of dry skin.

Dry Skin Facts

  • Itching and sensitivity is one of the most common symptoms of dry skin
  • Skin can look flaky, tight and patchy
  • It is more common during winter months and in drier climates
  • Dry skin is most common in people with a history of eczema
  • If untreated, dry skin might lead to dermatitis- inflammation of the skin, itching and infection
  • Dry skin is prone to breakouts and rash

Simple Changes To Soothe Dry Skin

Moisturising, Is A Must:

A holy grail product to retain oils and moisture into the skin. But while you’re on it, using it the right way is crucial. Applying a moisturizer when your skin is slightly damp after cleansing helps retain moisture better, as compared to applying it on dry skin. Use mild moisturizers that contain no perfumes or alcohol. 

Quit Using Soap:

Soap alters skin’s pH levels and strips it of natural oils, initiating dryness. Constant cleansing with a soap can lead to serious skin concerns overtime. Shift to a mild cleanser that maintains the pH balance, and cleanses without drying out skin.

No Hot Showers:

It is dermatologically proven that hot water strips skin of its natural oils. Long, hot showers make skin look and feel tight and dry. While it is not necessary for the water to be cold, lukewarm water is preferable over hot water.

Skin Care Routine:

The process of finding the right skin care regimen can prove fatal to your skin. Constant experiments and inappropriate skin care can subject your skin to further damage, along with new issues.

Tackling Dry Skin With SkinKraft

Our customized skin care routine gives all-year-round protection with products specifically formulated for dry skin.

Cleanse your face with our soothing cleanser, soap-free and consisting of mild surfactants. The cleanser sufficiently hydrates your skin and preps it for the next step. Follow it up with our moisturiser that hydrates, protects and repairs your skin from daily damage. Lastly, apply sunscreen when stepping out to prevent any UV damage. By following your regimen consistently you give you provide your skin with what it needs to naturally enhance your skin's barrier.

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Begin By Knowing Your Skin


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