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What Is Skin Texture?

Skin texture refers to your skin’s surface condition. While skin tone refers to your skin colour, skin texture is the feel and appearance of the skin. How does your skin feel while running your fingertips across your face?

  • Good skin texture is soft and smooth, well hydrated with firm collagen and elastin support
  • Damaged skin feels rough, dry and coarse with tiny bumps and unevenness

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What Causes Uneven Skin Texture?

Ideally skin should have a smooth texture, but, it is not uncommon to have an irregular texture. The rough and coarse skin can be the result of sun damage, rosacea, acne or even the outcome of wrong product usage.

Skin unexposed to sun is smooth and supple, a proof that sun exposure can disrupt skin texture. The logical explanation to this is that sun exposure leads to breakdown of collagen and and elastin, skin proteins that offer resilience and strength to the skin.

The ageing process slows down the mechanism of shedding skin cells. This causes the dead skin cells to accumulate on the skin surface leading to skin that has a rough texture and dull appearance.

How Does Skinkraft Help?

SkinKraft’s skin care range is customised for each skin type based on your current skin characteristics and requirements. The products are formulated with prescription ingredients that have time tested efficiency.

Here’s how we help:

  • Your customised regimen will hydrate, repair and protect your skin all the while addressing your specific skin concerns
  • The cleansers are soap- free and have a pH level closer to the skin, thereby, locking down moisture in the skin and maintaining its balance
  • Our moisturisers, unlike others, seep into the skin and repair the ‘gaps’ created within the barrier as a result of being exposed to damage
  • Religiously following up with the regimen will address the issues of dull skin, tiny bumps and other such minor, but pressing concerns.

Your customised regimen naturally works towards offering your skin an even texture and natural radiance.

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Know Your Skin With SkinIDTM


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