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There are many sources from which you can derive skin care tips. Be it the internet, your friends or even your family. But, the best and the most trusted advice comes from experts who are well versed in the field of skin. Consistently caring for your skin while using the right method nourishes your skin and protects it from any skin concerns or alarming skin diseases.

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Consulting professional advice to understand how to care for your specific skin type will keep your skin healthy and

9 Best Skincare Practices Shared By Experienced Dermatologists

Below are 9 of the best skincare practices shared by renowned dermatologists, that are bound to work on every skin type.

1.  Keep your skin type in mind while choosing your skincare regime:

This is the first step you can take towards healthier skin. The products you select are supposed to work towards the betterment of your skin, and if these products itself are wrong, then your skin is sure to go downhill. Being aware of your skin type is key to choosing the appropriate products for your skin.


 2.  Sunscreen is a must:

Wearing a sunscreen every day before stepping out should be a rule. If you think you do not need a sunscreen, well, you are mistaken. Skin is exposed to UV rays directly or indirectly throughout the day, Even while your sitting at the office. Long-term exposure to UV rays can prove to be harmful to the skin, so remember to always put on some sunscreen, before heading out. Do it irrespective of whether it's sunny or cloudy.

    3.   Eat Balanced Meals:

     Everything you consume reflects directly on your skin, and just doing everything correctly from the outside, isn't enough. Using the best products will not show its full effect if you're not eating healthy. Eating fresh fruits and vegetables, and cutting down on junk will help you in attaining a healthy outcome, always. Avoiding alcoholic beverages and smoking will keep the skin fresh and not dull.


      4.  Remove your makeup: 

      If you wear makeup, make sure to remove it every night before going to sleep. Wearing makeup while your sleeping blocks your pores and causes unnecessary breakouts. Cleaning your face before hitting the bed, leaves your skin feeling clean, hydrated and rejuvenate


      5.   Get sufficient sleep:

      Sleep is essential for healthy and glowing skin.  A sleep of 7-8 hours is vital to keep the body functioning smoothly and for healthy skin. If you don’t get proper sleep your skin is directly affected and looks dull. Baggy eyes and dark circles are something which you definitely wouldn’t want on your skin

      6.  Find the right spot treatment:

      Just cleansing and moisturizing your skin does not mean you will get healthy skin. If you might have acne or any signs of pigmentation, they are not entirely taken care of by the cleansers alone. Finding the right spot treatment is necessary for the overall upkeep of the skin.

        7.  Keep your skin hydrated:

        This might be the tip you get from everywhere, and it just, can't be missed. Drink at least 8 glasses of water every day, so your skin is always hydrated and not dry.

          8.  Avoid hot showers: 

          No matter how tempting hot showers are; the fact is that they are not suitable for any skin type. They strip the natural oils off your skin, make it dry and irritable. Try to take showers with warm water if you feel to, but avoid using hot water.

            9.  Always moisturize your skin: 

            If you think you have oily skin and don't require a moisturizer, you are mistaken. Even oily skin needs moisturizing, to ensure the skin is soft, supple, and not dry. If you don’t think heavy moisturizers are working for you, try opting for a lighter one, but always remember to moisturize your skin.

              Following these tips, will help you get healthy and clear skin that you desire.  It only takes finding the right products to make your skin healthy and flawless.

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