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Skinkraft Barrier Repair Gel offers hydration to the skin by repairing and maintaining the skin’s natural barrier. This is the second product in the customized skin care regimen recommended for normal to dry skin. 

Your skin is unique. So should your skin care be. The Skinkraft Barrier Repair Gel is customized for people with normal to dry skin. One-size-fits-all does not apply to skin care because your skin is different from others.

Understanding Normal-Dry Skin

Normal-Dry skin means that your skin is normal but tends to get dry due to external reasons. You need a moisturizer that suits your normal-dry skin. 

What causes dry or dehydrated skin

  • Environmental factors such as cold, pollution or UV rays
  • External factors such as tobacco or alcohol;
  • Emotional factors like stress or fatigue;
  • Certain medical treatments
  • Cosmetic products that are too aggressive or drying

Moisturizer Vs Barrier repair

Your skin's natural barrier (stratum corneum) is a protective layer on your skin. The barrier comprises of skin cells surrounded by ceramides (natural oils or lipids). 

General moisturizers form an occlusive layer on the surface of the skin so that the water does not escape out. Barrier repair gel penetrates deep in the skin layer to repair and maintain the function of the barrier. 

Read on to know more about the ingredients and usage instructions for Skinkraft Barrier Repair Gel. 


  • Ceramide EOP - Repairs your damaged skin barrier 
  • Ceramide AP - Restores the hydrating agents
  • Cermaide NP - Prevents excessive water loss
  • Phytosphingosine - Prevents inflammation and infection

How To Use Skinkraft Barrier Repair Gel

  •  Take sufficient quantity of the product into your palm. 
  • Use your fingertips to massage the gel into your face.

Use twice daily.

Breaking down the buzzword 'Ceramide'

The stratum corneum traps moisture to prevent dry skin and protects against the entry of foreign substances. 

Its structure is often described as a “bricks” (covalently bonded corneocytes arranged in overlapping layers) and “mortar” (ceramides, cholesterol, and lipids) structure. 

When the skin is dehydrated, it saps the natural oils. 

They healthier your barrier, the healthier your skin. 

Causes of ceramide depletion

  • Age
  • Harsh soaps
  • Sun damage
  • Hot baths

Skinkraft barrier repair gel contains ceramides that help replenish those deficient in the skin.

Best time to apply Skinkraft Barrier Repair Gel

It is best to apply Skinkraft Barrier Repair Gel after cleansing. The gel will lock all the water that is saturated after cleansing. 

Besides barrier repair gel, your skincare regimen should consist of the following steps to ensure healthy skin. 

Cleanse - Use a mild cleanser to wash off dirt and makeup. An ideal cleanser should suit your skin. Avoid foaming cleansers as they can strip off the pH of your skin. 

Repair - Use an active to treat any primary skin concern that you may have. Make sure you layer your serum before moisturizing.

Why Skinkraft Barrier Repair Gel is safer than mass produced moisturizers

Perfect match 

The barrier repair gel is a perfect match for your skin type. It contains the ingredients that your normal-dry needs.

Dermatologist recommended

Our dermatologists custom formulate your barrier repair gel. They understand your skin and it's unique requirements based on a skin questionnaire. 

Handpicked and Safe ingredients

Skinkraft Barrier Repair Gel is free from sulfates, parabens, allergens, toxins and fragrances. Safety is our top priority while formulating the products.

Research based

Our team of dermatologists, formulators and skin experts conducted 10,000 hours of research to come up with customized skincare solutions. We analysed the skin profiles of 800 Indian women.

Skinkraft recommends a customized skin care regimen based on a SkinID™ questionnaire. 

The regimen comprises of 

  • Your customized Cleanser
  • Your customized Moisturizer
  • Your customized active, for primary concern

Skinkraft does not sell individual skin care products but provides a regimen with 3 products that work together for healthy and glowing skin. 

Skinkraft has a unique follow up system that fine tunes your skin care regimen based on your skin’s ever changing needs. We understand how the products are working for you and recommend a new and more effective regimen based on your feedback. 

Barrier repair gel and a 3 -step customized skin care regimen is all your skin needs now to breathe, repair and renew. 

Order now

Invest in a barrier repair gel today and save yourself from the dry and itchy skin.

We can custom formulate it for you with the help of our dermatologists. 

Begin by knowing your skin 

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