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SkinKraft Ultra Matte Sheer Creme Gel - SPF 40 is a sunscreen that does not leave any white or chalky patches on the skin, unlike most traditional sunscreens. It is recommended for normal to oily skin.

Why Is SkinKraft Ultra Matte Sheer Creme Gel - SPF 40 Unique?

1. Complete Protection Against UV Rays

Effective ingredients used in this product come together to provide full protection against harmful UV rays.

2. No White Cast

The sunscreening agents in this formula ensure that it doesn't leave a whitish film on your skin post application.

3. Lightens Skin And Fights Oxidative Stress

It contains Vitamin C, which is a skin lightening agent. The antioxidant property of the sunscreen also protects the skin from oxidative stress.

4. Light And Fast-Absorbing Formula

Unlike most sunscreens in the market, this product has been created with a light-weight and fast-absorbing formula, to ensure that your skin doesn’t feel sticky and greasy upon application.

Key Ingredients Of SkinKraft Ultra Matte Sheer Creme Gel - SPF 40

1. Cinnamates & Benzophenone

These act as broad spectrum sunscreening agents.

2. Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid Derivative)

 It offers skin lightening and antioxidant properties.

How To Use SkinKraft Ultra Matte Sheer Creme Gel - SPF 40?

Take a required amount of product in your palm and gently apply the product onto the skin.


Apply sunscreen 20 minutes before stepping out and reapply every 2 hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How does sunlight damage the skin?

A. The UV (ultraviolet) rays from the sun trigger the melanocytes in the stratum basale (bottom layer) of the skin’s epidermis to produce melanin as a defence mechanism. This melanin causes tanning of the skin.

Sunlight can also cause oxidative stress in the skin, leading to fine lines and wrinkles. The worst possible damage caused by sunlight manifests as skin cancer. Hence, it is crucial to use sunscreen to protect your skin from the harsh sun rays.

Q. What is SPF in sunscreen?

A. SPF or Sun Protection Factor is a measure of how much time longer the sunscreen can protect your skin from the sun's rays as opposed to the time it would take to get tanned without it.

So, if you apply an SPF 40, it will protect your skin 40 times more than skin without sunscreen.

Q. What are antioxidants?

A. Antioxidants are compounds that fight oxidative stress. When your skin is affected by harsh UV rays, pollution, smoking or aging, free radicals are produced.

Free radicals are atoms or molecules that contain unpaired electrons. They are always hunting for an electron to pair up and during this process, they go haywire. This causes damage, called oxidative stress, which shows up in your skin as aging signs.

Q. Is the product vegan and cruelty-free?

A. Yes. This product is absolutely vegan and cruelty free.

Q. How long will this product last for?

A. The product is designed to last a month if you use it on a daily basis.

Q. I applied too much product by mistake. What should I do?

A. The excess sunscreen does not cause any harm to your skin. Simply dab a tissue on your face to remove the excess amount.

Q. What is the expiry date of this product?

A. The product is safe to use for up to two years since its manufacturing date. These details are printed at the back of the product. Once opened, the products are best used within 6 months.

Q. Can kids use this product?

A. This product is recommended for usage by anyone above 18 years of age.

Q. Does the product contain any harmful ingredients?

A. No. The sunscreen is free of 24 harmful chemicals (parabens, SLS, SLES) like any other SkinKraft products. It’s 100% safe for your skin.

Q. Is it a customized product?

A. Yes, this product is customized with specific ingredients for your unique skin as analyzed in the SkinKraft skin quiz.

Why SkinKraft?

Made for your skin

SkinKraft skincare regimen lies in the right actives and ingredients specifically for your skin. We recommend a skincare regimen based on the responses you give by taking the skinID™ questionnaire.

The questionnaire involves several skin and lifestyle-related questions created by our dermatologists. When your skin changes, so do our products!

Research Driven

Our team of dermatologists have formulated customized solutions based on skin types - dry, oily, normal skin, combination skin. 10,000 hours of research went into the making of these products.

Safe Ingredients

SkinKraft skincare products do not contain sulfates, parabens and phthalates. In short, we do not use ingredients that cause allergic reactions, change the pH levels of your skin, or increase the risk of cancer.

Personal Attention & Money Back Guarantee

SkinKraft has a unique follow up system. Based on a few questions and responses, we understand if the products are the right fit for your skin. In case they are not suiting you well, we either change them or return your money. We are with you throughout your skin journey.

Begin By Knowing Your Skin