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SkinKraft Ultra Smooth Face Cleanser is a gentle, non-foaming cleanser for sensitive skin with a very mild fragrance.

Sensitive skin's protective outer layer (epidermal lipid barrier) is less efficient at blocking irritants and allergens. Hence, SkinKraft Ultra Smooth Face Cleanser has been formulated with ingredients that won’t cause irritation or damage.

Why Is SkinKraft Ultra Smooth Face Cleanser Unique?

1. Relieves You Of Sensitivity

Substances used in this formula offers healthy hydration, while soothing irritated and inflamed skin.

2. As Gentle As Baby Products

The presence of Lauryl Glucoside, which is derived from plants and used in baby products, makes it all the more safe for sensitive skin.

3. Pure And Healing Ingredients

Sensitive skin requires ingredients that do not irritate the skin any further. SkinKraft Ultra Smooth Face Cleanser does not contain parabens, sulfates or fragrances of any form and is pH balanced.

Ingredients In SkinKraft Ultra Smooth Face Cleanser 

1. Lauryl Glucoside

A non-ionic mild surfactant made from coconut or palm oil and corn glucose cleanses without irritating the skin

2. Olive Oil Glycereth-8-Esters

Acts as an emollient and hydrates the skin

3. Panthenol

Hydrates and acts as a lubricant to provide a soft, smooth feel to the skin

How To Use SkinKraft Ultra Smooth Face Cleanser?

  • Take a pea sized quantity of cleanser into your palm and work into a lather.

  • Massage onto damp face and wash off with lukewarm water.

  • Use twice daily.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Does Sensitive Skin Have Different Types?

A. Yes, the truth is sensitive skin has many forms. It is crucial to understand the degree of sensitivity and an underlying issue if any.

Q. Why Does Skin Sensitivity Occur?

A. Skin sensitivity can occur due to lack of hydration, overexposure to the sun, or contact with irritants such as harsh soaps, detergents or gels.

Q. What Are The Signs Of Sensitive Skin?

A. Sensitive skin is:

  • Easily irritated by chemicals and fragrances
  • Prone to redness, rashes and irritation
  • Reacts to bad weather and harsh skin care products
  • Breaks out easily
  • Sensitive to UV rays

Q. Why Should Sensitive Skin Be Left Untouched?

A. The right skin care products are crucial for calming sensitive skin. You just have to look for the ideal ingredients that do not irritate your skin further.

Q. Is sensitive skin permanent?

A. The truth is that sensitive can come and go. A lot of external factors can trigger sensitive skin. Those with normal skin may develop sensitive skin for a certain period of their life due to the use of harsh skincare. Sensitivity can be reduced with good skincare and by combating stress.

Q. Should People With Sensitive Skin Avoid Makeup?

A. You don't have to remain makeup-free for the rest of your life in case you have sensitive skin. Avoid makeup with ethyl alcohol, fragrances and other comedogenic ingredients. Use powders in place of creams or lotions, and invest in a good sunblock.

Q. Why Drop The Soap Bars?

A. Soaps have a high pH level (9 or 10) while the skin's natural pH is 4-5. They can strip off your skin’s natural oils and leave it feeling tight and dry. Soap bars cannot be made without powerful cleansing ingredients, fragrance, artificial colors and sulfates. All of these are harsh on sensitive skin.

Besides, soaps are left on the sink or in the case where there are high chances of contamination. Microbes on the soap can be passed on to your skin leaving the skin aggravated.

Q. Is the product vegan and cruelty free?

A. Yes, the product does not contain any animal extracts and has not been tested on animals either.

Q. How long will this product last for?

A. This product will last for more than a month when used as part of your daily skincare routine.

Q. I applied too much product by mistake. What should I do?

A. If you think you have applied too much product, rinse it off with cold water.

Q. What is the expiry date of this product?

A. The product has a shelf life of upto 24 months.

Q. What age group can use this product?

A. Those who are 16 years old and above can use this product.

Q. I am pregnant. Can I use this product?

A. This product is safe to use for pregnant women.

Q. Does this product contain any harmful chemicals?

A. This product is free of harmful chemicals and allergens that may irritate the skin.

Q. Can kids use this product?

A. This product contains active ingredients to address specific skin concerns. It is not recommended for kids.

Q. Which skin type is this product suitable for?

A. This product is suitable for sensitive skin types.

Q. Is this a customized product?

A. This is a customized product.

Why SkinKraft?

Customized For Your Unique Skin

When you put your skin through a mass-produced product, there are high chances of side effects because they are not exactly made for your unique skin.

SkinKraft custom-formulates packages tailored to suit your individual skin type and targets your current issues after analyzing your skin through its SkinID™ questionnaire.

The questionnaire involves several skin and lifestyle-related questions created by our dermatologist. When your skin changes, so do our products!

Dermatologically Driven

Our team of dermatologists have formulated customized solutions based on the skin profiles of 800 women. 10,000 hours of research went into the making of these products.


SkinKraft products do not contain sulfates, parabens and phthalates. In short, we do not use ingredients that cause allergic reactions, change the pH levels of your skin, or increase the risk of cancer, birth defects and central nervous system disorders.

Personal Attention & Money Back Guarantee

SkinKraft has a unique follow up system. Based on a few questions and responses, we understand if the products are the right fit for your skin. In case they are not working well for you, we either change them or return your money. We are with you throughout your skin journey.

Begin By Knowing Your Skin

Now that we both understand your skin better, give our custom-formulated 3-step regimen a try.

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