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We all buy some of the nicest skincare products out there and as soon as the products are delivered to us, we strip-open the products from their boxes or cartons and start using them. There’s this one minute detail that we forget here.

When we do open up the boxes and pull out our products, we often forget a tiny piece of paper that comes along with the product. This tiny piece of paper is an instruction manual, i.e, the holy grail of any skincare regimen. If not on a separate card/note, the instructions are usually written on the label of the product.  

Most skincare products give instruction manuals to help the end user understand how to benefit the most from using these products. Using the products as advised in that manual give us insights about how the product works and how we should use the product to make it work better for us.

The common mistake we all do is, getting too excited and forgetting to read these instructions.

Remember that the instructions actually help you with the utility of the product. Think about all the benefits you could get if you used the product as advised!

Some instruction manuals even help you understand if the side-effects that you experience during the usage, are normal or not. Some instruction manuals explain what to do if the product reacts on your skin. Some instruction manuals help us understand the application/removal processes.

So, next time you’re in a rush to use your products, do yourself a favor and read the instructions. You never know the magical tricks that you can discover along the way.

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