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After a long day of work, the one thing that most people like to do is to wash all of it away with a face cleanser. The idea of washing your face after a day’s work is in itself an aesthetically pleasing thought. The thought makes you feel clean and beautiful. While this is one side of the coin, you need to understand what cleansers ACTUALLY do to your skin. Do they really keep your skin clean like you think they do? Do they really help nourish your skin as a promising skincare product? Let’s find out!

A Cleanser’s Purpose:

The purpose of cleansing one’s face takes us back to the time when the human race first showed some interest in aesthetics and beauty. This was around 180 AD. Although the ritual of cleaning face is universal, the methods used vary geographically and chronologically. The first ever labeled cleanser was found back in 1947. The basic purpose of cleansing is to clean the skin of our faces and help rejuvenate the skin. This is the fundamental step of any skincare regimen. Without cleansing, there is no skin care. 

How We Get Carried Away By Cleansers:

As time moved forward, the environment and lifestyle have had an effect on our skin. This lead to further development in the usage of a cleanser. Which is why, we have a range of cleansers that can cleanse the skin, remove pollutants, dirt, oil, treat acne and what not. When there is so much progress in the mechanism of a cleanser, the fundamental point of it is either being lost or is being ignored.

This Is What A Cleanser Should Do:

A cleanser, whether or not it treats other aesthetics, it has to clean your skin WITHOUT damaging your skin or disturbing your skin’s natural pH balance.

What Most Cleansers Do That Damage Your Skin:

The most common thing a lot of cleansers do is that they wipe off all the moisture along with the oils, dirt, pollutants, dust, and grime. This is not a good thing because the oil that your skin produces is essential for your skin’s barrier layer (the protective layer of the skin that fights bacteria and other particles). This leads to disturbance in your skin’s natural pH balance.

When your skin feels squeaky clean right after washing your face, it means that your skin has been stripped off the essential oils and moisture that your skin naturally produces. If you do this, your skin, as a natural defense mechanism, produces more oils to substitute for the lost moisture. This further makes your skin oily. Do you see the pattern here?  


Not using the right cleanser can cost your skin and its health. There goes so much right in front of our eyes that goes unnoticed. So, my fellow skincare lovers, stay woke about what you cleanse your skin with.

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