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Finding the perfect skincare product is the first step towards getting the flawless and healthy skin you desire. But before you take this first step, there's something that you're not considering. Your skin. What is your skin type? What are your issues? How do you determine them? Simple: Just take this free Skin ID test and you will get an idea about your skin and what products suit it.

Once this is determined, you will have the chance to opt to better skin products. 

You might be enjoying the benefits of your ideal regimen, but it does not end there. Sorry to burst your bubble, but one skin care regime may not be an all-year-round deal.

Did you know that one skin care regimen might not be your suitable skin care all- year round? Skin characteristics keep changing overtime due to temperature, weather, lifestyle etc.,. This makes it necessary to modify your skin care products.

  • Environmental changes and weather conditions
  • Your skin might be immune to certain products
  • Hormonal changes
  • Ageing process

What affects your skin and your regimen?

When it comes to weather changes, one must understand that their skin reacts differently to  environmental conditions. If you have oily skin and use a very light moisturiser in summers, you might have to switch to a heavy one in winters, as the oil production reduces during this time and the skin tends to be much drier. You should also take special care of your skin when you are travelling. Even the environmental conditions of places you might be visiting or living in, play a vital role.

  • Environmental changes: skin reacts differently to every weather change. Skin might become dry in spite of an oily skin type which only means that your skin is in need of the right amount of hydration. Skin, most definitely, also changes according to the environmental conditions of the places you might be visiting or living in

  • Not only environmental factors, but your skin too keeps modifying itself. It can be the hormonal changes in your body or the ageing process, which  initially leads to this modification in your skin. With the onset of the ageing process, there is an appearance of fine lines, and wrinkles on the face and the face starts losing its glow too. With hormonal changes, you can also see an outburst of acne on your skin which might have been very clear otherwise.


  • Hormonal changes: changes in lifestyle- eating and sleeping habits, water intake- also take a toll on the health of your skin. Such factors tend to change the hormonal balance that show up as acne

  • The ageing process: a skin change that is inevitable. Skin ages with every passing day. Additionally, the skin is exposed to pollution and damage that accelerates the aging process. With every progressing day, your skin requires skin care that can control damage and address the premature signs of ageing.

    Keeping a check on your skin now and then to track the progress of your skincare regime is very helpful in learning your skin's health. Skincare modification according to weather or any other allergic reaction is a must, no matter what. If you see any redness or irritation on your skin after using specific products, it is best to stop using that product immediately.

    Modification of skin care routines is necessary, but modifying it too often can also cause issues. So, it is best to be aware of your skin type and its concerns to help solve the skin concerns immediately.

    It is always better to use products of the same brand in your skincare routine, as the ingredients and quality tend to be the same, which works in favour of your skin. 

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