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Can you go a day without water? Easier said than done right? Well, even your skin cannot function without inadequate hydration. Moisture is very essential to your skin, as it contributes to your skin’s health. Moisture eliminates any possibility of dry, rough or dull skin.

Why Should You Moisturize

Key to great skin is providing your skin with a moisturizer that suits your specific skin type. Using the right moisturizer prevents any breakouts, allergic reactions and sensitizing your skin.


Using an unsuitable moisturizer can cause abrupt allergic reactions, acne breakouts, or rashes. A moisturizer that suits your skin will ensure your skin is always hydrated and healthy.

Characteristics Of Moisturized Skin:
  • Skin feels soft, fresh and hydrated
  • Avoids skin concerns
  • Repairs and maintains your skin’s shape & structure
  • Makes your skin healthy for years to come

Finding The Right Moisturizing Base


Your moisturizer should give you the right base and protection for your skin’s barrier. Here are a few moisturizers according to your skin type.

Dry skin requires a surge of moisture. A heavy cream base moisturizer, with moisturizing agents that ensure moisture is provided back into your skin.

Oily Skin retains moisture and oils compared to any other skin types. But, it still requires a moisturizer which is water based and works without making the skin oilier

Normal Skin is neither to dry not too oily. It requires a lightweight lotion base to hydrate and repair daily damage.

Sensitive Skin is prone to itching and dryness. A lightweight lotion calms extreme sensitivity and keeps your skin smooth.

By including a moisturizer in your daily regimen you avoid skin damage and preserve your skin's health for years to come. Without any moisture, skin becomes sensitive, irritated, dry and flaky over time. Moisturization lubricates the deepest layers of your skin and repairs your skin's barrier. So, always remember to moisturize your skin every day to keep your skin healthy.