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You, like everyone else, might be doing everything to take care of your skin and protect it from damage. Many of you might not be aware that the skin care products that you're using might be causing more harm to your skin than actually repairing it. Your skin needs a dynamic regimen of only 3 products, which are made exclusively for your skin.

If you are here today, one thing for sure is the fact that you are not happy with your current skin care regimen. Are you? What is important to understand is that not all skin types are same and there can not be one solution to take care of it all.

Every individual has a different skin type, and most importantly anything you do reflects on your skin, from your diet to your working environment, lifestyle, habits, etc.  You might be surprised, but even the city or town you live in also plays a significant role in healthy skin development. The skin profile of a person living in Delhi can be very different from a person living in Karnataka. So, one can not be sure that what works for others, will work for them too.

How Many Skin Types Are There?

Skin types are usually divided into 4 categories:

  1. Normal skin type 
  2. Oily skin type
  3. Dry skin type 
  4. Sensitive skin type 

Every skin type has different necessities and its unique issues. One might have pigmentation, the other tan and someone else can be dealing with acne. If a person with oily skin uses a product meant for dry skin, it will only cause more harm to their skin and might even turn their skin more oily. Using wrong skin care products blindly causes more harm, rather than repairing the damage from pollution and other environmental factors. As everyone is different and so is their skin, a personalized skin care regimen for their specific needs becomes the perfect solution and necessity.

It is highly impossible for just one skincare product to solve it all. You need a product that targets your specific issues and is created specifically for your skin type. One might think that using a face wash and sunscreen daily is enough for one's skin, but it's not. Our skin is exposed to some pollutants and UV rays without us even realizing how much harm they are causing.

What Do I Get From SkinKraft?

Cleanser: Cleanses dirt, debris and other pollutants away

Moisturizer: Helps retains the moisture of your delicate skin

Active: Targets and eliminates any existing skin issues

Our customized skin care regimen will not only keep your skin healthy but also leave you looking naturally beautiful and fresh.

Being aware of your skin type and problem areas helps you select the best skin care products for yourself. It is always good to discuss with a dermatologist if you have any significant concerns before using a new product. The order in which the products are to be used is also vital. And getting all this done can be very time consuming and expensive.

What we are offering you at SkinKraft is all of the above. After years of research, the team of dermatologists at SkinKraft provide you with a customized skin care regimen. Each skin care regimen is designed exclusively for your unique skin type, and you have unlimited access from the comfort of your home!

All you have to do is answer a few simple questions about your skin and what issues you are facing, and SkinKraft formulates a  customized skin care regimen, that is made exclusively for you. This skin care regimen has 3 products, i.e., a cleanser, a moisturizer and an active for your specific issue. And you need not worry about the quality as it is dermatologically certified. So, don't wait any longer to get your customized skin care regimen.