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Dark Patches- What And How 

Dark Patches or Melasma is a condition that causes certain areas of the skin to become darker than the rest. The patches appear in a tan- deep brown shade, in an identical pattern. 

The patches are the result of excess melanin (skin pigment) production that can be triggered by: 

  • Unprotected sun exposure 
  • Environmental pollution 
  • Hormonal changes, mainly during pregnancy

A lot of women tend to develop dark, uneven patches during their pregnancy that may or may not disappear later on. 

Tips To Combat Dark Patches 

Addressing your dark patches requires a change in your skincare, and here’s what should be done. 

  • Cleanse your face twice a day
  • Exfoliate your skin 2-3 a day, at night, depending on your skin type. Dry and sensitive skin types should exfoliate twice a week 
  • Use a barrier repair moisturizer to repair the damage caused to the skin’s barrier by sun exposure and pollution 
  • Use actives that include Vitamin C or E to reduce the effect of pollution and cell damage 
  • Use topical products that are formulated to address skin darkening 
  • Apply sunscreen every time you step out in the sun, not just in the summer 

Know Your Ingredients

To make the above adjustments to your skin, you need to begin by knowing what ingredient works for your skin type and issue. 

Here’s a list of ingredients that you should check for in your skincare:

  • Syndets 
  • Ceramides 
  • Niacinamide 
  • Kojic Acid 
  • Vitamin C or E

Even while using the right skincare and ingredients, it is required to use the products consistently and stick to the process. 

SkinKraft’s Dark Patches Active 

SkinKraft’s Dark Spot Control Serum is formulated with a combination of Kojic Acid, Arbutin, and Niacinamide that control the production of melanin and its transfer to the skin, respectively. 

The active also soothes any inflammation and skin sensitivity caused by sun exposure. 

Following A Daily Care Regimen 

A daily regimen targets every aspect of your skin while also addressing your dark patches. But while zeroing in on a regimen, what’s important is to know and use skincare that’s right for your skin.

1. Cleanse-  as an essential step in skincare, it should also repair and protect your skin’s barrier and not just clean the skin off dust and other matter. 

The cleanser should maintain the pH balance of your  skin, and not damage the skin barrier because:

  • A damaged barrier leaves the deeper layers of the skin exposed to pollutants and harmful UV rays 
  • Inducing melasma production faster, fastening the process of skin darkening 

2. Moisturize- an essential step in maintaining the health of the skin. No matter what skin type, what issue, moisturizing your skin is a must. But, that does not mean any moisturizer can benefit your skin. 

Moisturizers formulated to repair the skin’s natural barrier include ceramides that restore skin’s moisture reserves and not just lock moisture in the skin. This enhances the cell turnover process, causing old cells to shed off. 

3. Treat- dark patches require an active that works within the deeper layers of the skin. While the active should fade away dark patches, it should also be able to control the production and transfer of skin pigment (melanin) to create a barrier against further skin darkening. 

Using the right skincare in the 3 step process, only complements the next skincare step. By repairing, nourishing and protecting the skin, each step preps the skin to absorb the next product better, only enhancing the health of your skin. 

SkinKraft vs OTC Products

General skincare is made for a million other skin types, completely ignoring the unique skin characteristics- redness, lifestyle effects, hydration, etc- that are unique to each person. 

With skin characteristics being the center of focus in SkinKraft, each product is customized to suit your unique needs. 

Here’s what makes SkinKraft safer and more effective than general skincare: 

  • A 3-step customized regimen 
  • Every product is pH balancing (5.5-6)
  • Moisturizers include ceramides that repair the skin’s natural barrier, maintaining the skin’s health and nourishing it 
  • Clinically tested and time-proven ingredients 
  • Free of 24 toxic ingredients including SLS, SLES, Parabens
  • A unique follow-up system to give your skin everything it needs, at all times