A good cleanser is the beginning point of an ideal skincare regimen. What’s more enticing than washing away the grime from your skin after a long day of work? Cleansing is one of the best ways to keep your skin clean and glowing.


The process of splashing water on your face, followed by applying a cleanser and then washing it off with some more splashes of water is one of the most aesthetically pleasing things to do for your skin. Oh, and the benefits of cleansing your skin are endless.


While all of this is fantastic, there is one obstacle here. The obstacle is the beginning point of any skincare regimen and that is *drum roll* - Choosing the cleanser.

Every girl on the planet understands the struggle behind choosing a cleanser, Not just any cleanser. But a cleanser that would actually work for our skin. I, for one, have been very picky about my skincare regimen and of course, I had to try a number of cleansers to understand a few things about choosing the ~perfect~ cleanser or a “good” cleanser.

Here are a few things that a cleanser should do:


  • Clean my skin:

This is something that a lot of cleansers ‘claim’ to do but don’t. A lot of cleansers have certain chemicals and sulfates in them, which are supposed to keep our skin clean and remove the dirt, pollution, and grime from our skin. However, they have the opposite effect. A good cleanser should clean your skin and free it from all the dirt. This is the fundamental purpose of a cleanser. Period.    

  • Clean my skin WITHOUT damaging my skin:
  • Most cleansers in the market, when used on the face, strip your skin off all essential oils and lipids. This causes your skin to crave more hydration and as a defense mechanism, your skin starts to produce excess oils. This, in turn, damages your skin’s barrier layer (the topmost protective layer of your skin). A good cleanser should clean your skin whilst protecting the barrier layer of your skin.

  • Clean my skin WITHOUT disturbing my skin’s pH balance:
  • Your skin has natural acids on it, which help in maintaining and regeneration of new skin cells. This acidic activity is your skin’s natural mechanism to defend itself from bacteria, dust, pollution, and more. When you use a generic cleanser (most generic cleansers have alkali, which disturbs your skin’s acidic activity), they disturb your skin’s natural pH balance.  When this happens, your skin is pretty much losing its natural barrier layer. This leads to your skin becoming sensitive and breaking out.

    Pro-tip: If you use a cleanser that’s free of alkali, is made for your skin, and does its job like above, your skin can actually benefit and look healthier and clear.


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