Deep Moisturizing Hand Butter

Quantity: 30gms
  • Formulated with natural butter extracts
  • Non-greasy and fast absorbing formula
  • Aids in natural collagen production
  • Provides long lasting hydration to dry and rough hands
  • Prevents premature ageing of the skin

Key Ingredients

Shea Butter
Cocoa Butter
Mango Butter

Great For

For Dry, Stretchy and Itchy Hands

Here’s What Our Customers Say About Us

Preethi | 17 Nov 2020

“My palms are usually really dry and crusty, but ever since I started using this hand butter regularly it’s taken away the dryness and keeps my hands well moisturized”

Divya | 17 Nov 2020

“I love that this hand butter is so non sticky and absorbs really quickly unlike other products. Keeps my hand hydrated throughout the day”

Mohan | 16 Nov 2020

“My hands have become really rough from using sanitizers frequently, but this hand butter is so effective in keeping my hands smooth and hydrated”

Harshita | 15 Nov 2020

“I don’t have to worry about my hands feeling dry and rough anymore, because this product is amazing. My hands feel so smooth and soft now”

Miriam | 15 Nov 2020

“I always make sure to carry this hand cream in my bag because it keeps my hands feeling really soft and it also helped in getting rid of these fine lines”

Joseph | 15 Nov 2020

“Working out in the gym, carrying bars and weights, my palms had become really rough and dry. But ever since I started using this amazing hand butter, my hands feel smooth and nourished”

Ranveer | 14 Nov 2020

“Winters really cause my hands to get really rough and dry. But this product has really helped me alot, keeps my hands hydrated and feels really smooth”

Mamta | 13 Nov 2020

“First of all this product is all in all amazing because it does exactly what it promises. It also smells great and feels really smooth on applying on the skin, does not feel waxy or sticky at all”

Angelina | 13 Nov 2020

“Without any hesitation, my go to product to get rid of dryness on my hands. If you’re looking for something to use for dry hands, trust me this is it!”

Saranya | 13 Nov 2020

“My doctor suggested that I start using a hand cream because using sanitizer often will wear out the skin and leave it dry. And I’m so glad I found this Hand butter. It feels amazing on my skin and it smells great too!”

Sam | 12 Nov 2020

“I used to have itchy hands and I’ve tried many products but none of them really helped. But this hand butter is awesome because it really helped with the itchiness in my hands”

Nethan | 12 Nov 2020

“This hand butter is always in my backpack because it is so effective during winters. And I use it like twice a day and it keeps my hands feeling really smooth and nourished”

Jessica | 11 Nov 2020

“I love the ingredients that go into this hand butter, love the smell of the butter, love that it doesn’t leave a sticky feeling. Overall absolutely LOVE this hand butter”

Karishma | 10 Nov 2020

“I started noticing how many fine lines and wrinkles started appearing on my palms and a friend suggested that I try this hand butter. And it has worked miraculously for me. I started to see how these fine lines and wrinkles slowly started to disappear after using this”

Nithin | 10 Nov 2020

“I Love the smell of this hand butter and how it makes my hands feel so smooth and supple”

Justin | 10 Nov 2020

“No more dry, stretchy palms for me because this Hand butter is amazing. Start using it regularly and you will start to notice how hydrating it is”

Ateef | 10 Nov 2020

“I was really tired of my hands being dry and ashy, especially during the winters. But once I started using this amazing Hand butter, my hands now feel really smooth and hydrated”

Aaron | 8 Nov 2020

“I play basketball and naturally my hands tend to get rough and dry. So I always make sure to use this awesome hand butter to keep my hands hydrated and soft”

Supriya | 7 Nov 2020

“Nothing beats this amazing Hand butter because I’ve tried many similar products and nothing is as effective as this against dryness, fine lines and roughness. Added bonus, it also smells amazing”

Lalitha | 7 Nov 2020

“I’ve been using this hand butter to keep my palms moisturized and it is so amazing. Feels smooth and soft, absorbs really quickly and doesn't leave a sticky feeling. I also recommended this to my friends and they love it tooo!”

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