Esthetic Insights Syndet Face Cleanser by SkinKraft

Esthetic Insights Syndet Face Cleanser by SkinKraft

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₹ 499.00

A syndet based soap-free liquid cleanser that can cleanse without disrupting your skin’s pH balance, thus preventing any further damage to the skin barrier

 A Syndet Face Cleanser is recommended for your skin as it:

  • Cleanses the skin without drying out skin any further
  • Maintains pH similar to that of the skin (5.5), by not stripping the skin of essential oils
  • Nourishes the skin by restoring and retaining its moisture
  • Repairs and protects the skin against damaging factors such as pollution, dust, temperature changes, and other environmental damage

The cleanser’s ingredients are specifically suited for the above functions. Key ingredients include:

  1. Lauryl Glucoside, a sugar based surfactant (cleanser) that is a dermatologically-preferred cleansing and foaming agent with excellent skin compatibility
  2. Potassium Cocoyl Glycinate, a mild foaming and cleansing agent with great skin compatibility that maintains the skin’s pH balance. Its anionic surfactants that are known to cause no harm whatsoever to the skin, while achieving a thorough cleansing effect
  3. Decyl Glucoside, a naturally derived surfactant that possesses excellent foaming abilities. It is a moisture- binding agent that provides a smooth and supple texture to the skin. It also tends to increase the mildness and stability of the foam.
  4. Polyquaternium, a skin conditioner that improves the water retention capacity, preventing any further water loss from the skin
  5. Tocopherol, also known as Vitamin E, possesses anti-aging and antioxidant properties. The former counters any signs of premature aging such as fine lines and wrinkles. As an antioxidant, Tocopherol also repairs the effects of environmental damage in your skin
  6. Pentylene Glycol, a humectant that retains moisture in your skin, preventing further water loss. Additionally, it also possesses antimicrobial properties that help prevent the development of acne

Syndet Face Cleanser is also ideal for your skin because of its pH balanced, antioxidant rich and soap-free formulation.