The journey to silky smooth hair starts with SkinKraft!

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SkinKraft’s customized hair care is formulated with advanced ingredients that nourish your hair, and is loved by 1.8 million Indians!


Your Hair Type. Your Hair Concern. Your Products


A deep cleansing, low foam shampoo, customized to suit your hair type


A customized conditioner to offer intense moisturization, add luster and shine to each hair strand

Your Pro-Growth Hair Serum

The ultra-modern serum is mild on the scalp and goes deep to rejuvenate and strengthen the hair follicles- preventing hair fall. It also helps in controlling frizz by smoothening the hair.

SkinKraft Assurance: Safer, Better & Customized Hair Care Products - Home Delivered!

At SkinKraft, we care about your safety and take precautionary measures to avoid any type of contamination in our ingredients, formulations, packaging, or delivery.

With our 5 step screening process, we ensure the safety of every SkinKraft box that reaches your doorstep- with minimal human contact with the actual products.


Step 1: Made Just For You

At SkinKraft, your products are manufactured only when your order is placed. That is how we can maintain the efficacy of the products, prevent any chances of contamination, and offer you your ideal hair care.


Step 2: 100% Clean, Top Notch Ingredients

All SkinKraft products are dermatologically-approved, and clinically verified for safety. The products are also free of ‘red list’ ingredients - Parabens, SLS, SLES, Dyes, and 24 other ingredients.


Step 3: No-Touch Manufacturing Process

The manufacturing equipment undergoes cleaning every day; our formulators also keep themselves absolutely sterile. The process of creating your unique product is automated, requiring no direct contact with our workers.


Step 4: Home Delivered

At SkinKraft, we've given your safety and convenience top priority. The no-touch manufacturing process and the delivery executives make sure your package is secure with no human contact, making it safe for your usage.


Step 5: Prepaid Transactions

SkinKraft offers extensive prepaid options- net banking, credit/debit cards, online wallets, and more. Avoid cash transactions, prepay, stay safe, and we'll take care of your skin.

How Does SkinKraft’s Customization Process Help?

Every SkinKraft shampoo and conditioner is free of harmful chemicals and excessive foaming elements. It is formulated with 18-MEA to balance water absorption of the hair strand.

Your Customized Shampoo:

  • Deposits the protein on the surface of the scalp
  • Restores the strength and nourishment of the hair

Your Customized Conditioner:

  • Glides smoothly across the length of the hair strands
  • Releases any tangles, nourishes split ends, and reduces frizz

Your Pro-Growth Hair Serum

  • Rejuvenates and strengthens the hair follicles and helps in preventing hair fall
  • Simulates natural hair growth, and improves hair color

What You Will Not Get

Every product is 100% safe, we made sure of it.

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