Unlearn These 3 Harmful Skin Care Habits & Get Closer To Clear Skin

Get closer to clear skin by saying no to skin care myths.

If you are reading this now, we’re sure you’re looking to upgrade your current skin care regimen. Right?

But what if we told you that in order to get clear skin, you have to ditch all skin care myths & start afresh?


With how the skin care industry is expanding, nobody knows which expert to trust.

Beauty bloggers share new ideas & none of them are proven.

Even doctors takes years of testing before finalising products & their formulations.

And that could really leave you feeling confused & frustrated.

So what can be done next?

What Can You Do To Get Clear Skin When There Is Nobody To Tell You The Truth?


We have an answer.

But before we tell you, let’s ask you 3 important questions.

  1. Are you willing enough to uncomplicate your skin care?
  2. Are you willing to ditch advice & do what is right for your skin?
  3. Can you stop yourself from making impulsive decisions & give your skin what it really needs?

If you said yes to all three questions, you’re ready to get clear skin!

But first, what are the 3 things you have to let go of before you simplify your skin care?


Skin care is basic. It’s not a 10 step ritual you need to follow.

Contrary to popular opinion, skin care is not a 7-10 step ritual you need to follow before going to bed. In fact, excessive skin care products can cause harm.

The key to healthy skin is going back to the basics. You need to have a thorough understanding about your skin’s current condition & based on that, you need products & formulations that will repair & rebuild your skin.


We often buy products because they have great packaging or contain popular ingredients.

We all have chosen a certain skin care product at some point just because they were popular or endorsed by a celebrity.

We don’t realise that some brands do well not because of their effectiveness but because of their marketing strategy.


We are individuals with specific requirements. What works for one person may be totally incorrect for you due to the genetic & chemical differences in your body.

The problem starts when we choose products without sufficient information. Sometimes we buy products just because they contain popular ingredients or seem to have the best packaging.

Popular skin care brands, too use a variety of ingredients to sell the product as more useful. While all this may work, they’re more of a marketing gimmick.

So what can you do instead?

What can you do to simplify skin care for yourself?

First, understand your skin in depth.

Second, choose products that are particularly required for your skin’s current condition.

Get Clear & Healthy Skin With Products That Are Right For You


Once you’ve understood your skin’s unique requirements, choose products that contain ingredients & formulations suited to benefit your skin type & issue.

Generic skin care products use generic & weak formulations

What do generic brands do?

Every other brand tries the ‘one bottle fits all’ technique.

They create one product, hoping it will help everyone.

They don’t understand that your skin is unique & it has specific requirements.

They don't take into consideration your lifestyle, habits or skin care concerns.

As a result of that, the formulations are weak & generic.

But not SkinKraft!

At SkinKraft, we begin by getting an accurate and up to date picture of your skin through our questionnaire.

That includes its characteristics, issues and requirements.

Then we build products on the basis of the ingredients & formulations required by your skin.  

So far, 10,735 Women Have Experienced Skin Revival With Customization.

And we want you to experience the same.

10,000+ Indian women have bought SkinKraft & found great results

Even the toughest of skin critics couldn’t say no to our products

Acne, one of the most challenging skin care problems does not stand a chance when it comes to SkinKraft

The Good News Is: You Don’t Have To Pay Luxurious Amounts To Get Useful Products!


Why SkinKraft is 80% cheaper than other brands

At SkinKraft, we did not aim to be an ordinary brand. We aimed to provide specific results to specific issues. In fact, we spent 10,000 hours in research to perfect our products.

We created the SkinIDTM Questionnaire so that you don't have to ‘experiment’ with a bad skin care formulation ever again .

Everyday we’re working with our team of formulation experts, dermatologists and pharmaceutical engineers to make our products more powerful.

And let’s face it, choosing SkinKraft can be a lot cheaper than visiting a dermatologist.

Any 3 consultations with a reputed skin expert can cost 3,000. If you buy their products, there’s an additional 4,000 rupees. And it doesn’t end there. Regular check ups & buying fresh products can push you to buy 63,000 products annually at the very lowest end.

SkinKraft, on the other hand, offers 3 customized products

This includes a soap-free cleanser for MRP: 499/, the barrier-repairing moisturizer for MRP: 1599/- & an active formulation for MRP: 599/-

If you add them up, the regimen will cost only Rs 2597.

SkinKraft’s Special Introductory Offer Gives You A Complete Skin Care Routine With 3 Products At Only Rs 999/ Per Month.


In short, you won't just get high end products at a lower price but also the peace of mind knowing that your products are effectively going to solve your issues.

So why wait any further?

Tell us about your skin & get customized products

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