Acne? There’s Something You Need To Know About How To Care For Your Skin

Find out what is the most elusive and yet the most important part in your fight against acne

Know Your Skin With SkinIDTM

But this probably isn’t the first thing you’ve read about acne online. In fact, almost every online article gives you the following tips:

  • Keep your face clean
  • Moisturize well
  • Try prescription products

And a few more generic statements like the ones above.

Sure, the above steps can help with your acne, but only to an extent.

Why Your Current Skin Care Regimen Isn’t Right For You



There’s a simple approach to the skin:one- size-fits-one.

That is, the skin, your skin, has unique requirements that, follows an approach of one-size-fits-all- one product for every skin type.

So, how does this affect your skin?

For example, you might choose an anti-acne face wash with specific ingredients, but if it is not suited to your specific skin type, it will disrupt the skin’s pH balance. Such imbalance in your skin further exposes it to inflammation and more acne-causing bacterial attacks.

This boils down to 3 major problems that stop you from seeing continuous improvement in your skin and feeling about your skin and your products.

This boils down to 3 major problems that stop you from seeing continuous improvement in your skin, and in getting rid of your acne:

  1. Your Skin Has Unique Characteristics And Requirements:

    Your skin’s characteristics are unique to you, just like your fingerprints. You might share the same skin issue, in your case acne, like many other people. But your skin characteristics are very different- your skin could be sensitive to light, to products or have red patches, unlike your mother or your best friend

  2. Your Skin's Characteristics Change Over Time:

    Your skin behaves differently at different times. Your commute, your lifestyle, your geography, the weather, and your age are just some of the factors that affect your skin's characteristics at any given time. As these change, so does your skin, and what it needs.

  3. Your Skin Needs A Daily Regimen For Ideal Care & Repair:

    An ideal daily care regimen that’s suited to your skin ensures your skin doesn’t get damaged further, over time. Such a regimen includes the right products with the right ingredients and formulations for your specific skin type and your acne.

    A regimen also repairs your skin barrier, prevents further bacterial growth, and hydrates skin. It satisfies the 3 most important factors that will help you get rid of your acne and maintain a “glow” on your skin.

Know Your Skin With SkinIDTM

How SkinKraft Solves The Skincare Problem



It’s easy to know your skin’s current characteristics and needs with our breakthrough, dermatologically approved, SkinID™ questionnaire. This helps both us and you to understand what your skin needs.



SkinKraft’s recommended daily skin care regimen has the right products and ingredients and formulations that help meet your skin’s unique needs.



With SkinKraft, regular SkinID™ check-ins and follow ups ensure that your skin always gets what it needs. Even as your skin and it’s needs change with time.

What’s In Your SkinKraft Box?

Your SkinKraft Customized Skin Care regimen contains everything YOU need for essential daily skin care. Included are:

1. A Facial Cleanser Customized For You

Cleansing is an essential first step. With that in mind, your customized cleanser:

  • Cleanses your face effectively from excessive sebum (oil), impurities, bacteria and particulate matter
  • Is pH balanced, thus keeping skin fully protected when cleansing
  • Is soap-free
  • Is free from harsh surfactants that damage your skin barrier
  • Is free from harmful ingredients such as SLS, SLES & Parabens
  • Leaves your skin feeling soft, clean and supple
  • Is Dermatologist-verified

2. A Barrier Repair Moisturiser Customized For You

Skin hydration is a key marker of skin's health, function, and looks. It is separate from skin oiliness. Effective hydration is an essential second step in essential daily skin care. With that in mind, your customized barrier repair formulation:

  • Features the right base for your moisturizing needs, providing just the amount of hydration your skin requires on a daily basis
  • Advanced formulations feature ceramides, which repair skin from within, helping skin keep and hold on to moisture for longer
  • Barrier repair formulations also improve general skin health, as a repaired barrier doesn't allow harmful external elements like bacteria, fungus or particulate pollution to enter into the deeper skin
  • Is free from harmful ingredients such as SLS, SLES & Parabens
  • Is Dermatologist-verified

3. A Customized Active For Your Main Skin Concern

Good daily skin care requires addressing any skin issues on a regular basis - whether that's acne or blemishes, tan or dark patches.

SkinKraft's customized Actives address your main skin concern with powerful, dermatologist-approved ingredients and formulations. What's more, your Active:

  • Addresses your main skin concern, with ingredients suited to your specific skin type
  • Contains international-standard ingredients in effective concentrations to tackle your concern
  • Features a powerful formulation that's dermatologically-verified and time-tested for safety
  • Is free Is free from harmful ingredients such as SLS, SLES & Parabens

Based On 10,000 Hours Of Research

  • Driven By A Decade Of Clinical Experience
  • Designed Under Dermatologist Supervision
  • 3 Step Product Design: Dermato-Cosmetologists, Pharmacists, & Pharmaceutical Engineers
  • Clinically Tested Japanese Ingredients & Formulations
  • Manufactured In Japan Under International Standards
  • Based On 10,000+ Hours Of Research Across India, Japan, & Taiwan

Real People. Real Stories.

    • Oily Skin
    • Mild Acne
    • Non-Vegetarian
    • Dry Surroundings
    • Works Indoors
    "A long regimen puts me off"
    My job demands long work schedule outdoors, constant travelling, which really take a toll on my skin. I was exploring various skin care products when I came across SkinKraft. I was skeptical at first to try customized products for the first time. But, decided to try it anyway.
    Easy And Effective Skincare
    I did not find any visible difference during the first week, but, after following the 3 step regimen diligently, my skin felt smoother, my breakouts were controlled and overall my skin is balanced.
    • Normal Skin
    • Dry Surroundings
    • Non-Vegetarian
    • Works Indoors
    "I was doubtful about shifting to other skin care"
    Since I have combination skin, some parts of my face would become too oily, so I was never too keen on shifting to a new regimen. Though I was not sure, I still decided to give SkinKraft a shot.
    Great Regimen
    With SkinKraft, I no longer complain of oiliness, which was a big problem for me. I’m really happy that my skin seems to have developed a natural glow. My family compliments my skin often, and my friend keep asking me what I’m doing different. I love how my skin feels!
    • Sensitive Skin
    • Mild Acne
    • Dry Surroundings
    • Mostly Non-Veg
    "I Thought It Would Be A Waste Of Money, But I Was Desperate"
    After trying multiple products which made my acne worse, I decided to ask my friend how she took care of her acne breakouts. That's when she told me about SkinKraft. I was reluctant to spend money again, but decided to try it once.
    A turnaround in my skin
    With Skinkraft I could see a big change in my acne, and also in how my skin looks and feels all over. I’m very happy I listened to my friend and tried out SkinKraft!
    • Normal Skin
    • Tan
    • Dry Surroundings
    • Non-Vegetarian
    • Works Indoors
    "I always preferred home remedies instead of commercial skincare products"
    I’m a DIY enthusiast, and trying something which I haven’t made is a big no no for me. But I couldn’t find a remedy for my uneven skin tone. My friend said to try SkinKraft products as she was seeing good results on same issue
    It’s easy
    Although it took a while, my skin tone got better with every week. And it was so easy to use!
    • Normal Skin
    • Tan
    • Dry Surroundings
    • Non-Vegetarian
    • Works Indoors
    "I thought only products shown on T.V. worked, but that was before I used SkinKraft"
    I’ve spent ridiculously on expensive skin lightening creams, which all failed to fix my problem, or even make it much better. I was out of options, but then i researched on the internet and found SkinKraft.
    Didn’t look back ever since…
    I’ve noticed drastic changes in my skin tone and health since I’ve started using SkinKraft. I’m in total awe of customized products, and I would recommend this to anyone, who seeks to give their skin what it needs.
    • Normal Skin
    • Tan
    • Mild Acne
    • Non-Vegetarian
    • Bleaches Occasionally
    "I tried all sorts of creams, face washes, bb creams etc. for my uneven skin tone. Nothing worked, except SkinKraft"
    The result of so many products that i tried was always the same... i could still see the same uneven skin tone near my chin, upper lip and forehead area. I was frustrated until i started using skinkraft customized skin care for my uneven skin tone.
    I really love these products!
    the syndet face cleanser, barrier repair lotion and ultra skin lightening cream, are awesome! They not helped me in removing my uneven skin tone, but also changed the texture of my skin. I can feel the younger look :)
  • *Disclaimer: The results may vary for person to person.

    Every Skinkraft Product Is Free From Primary And Secondary Harmful Ingredients:

    No SLS
    No SLES
    No Phthalates
    No BPA
    No BHT
    No BHA
    No Parabens
    No Triclosan
    No Animal Products
    No UV Filters
    No Petrolatum
    No Silica
    No Dmdm Hydantoin
    No PTFE
    No Animal Testing
    No Padimate O
    No Hydroquinone
    No Ceteareth
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