Don’t Be Stuck With The "Faster Horse" Of Skin Care.


Henry Ford, the creator of the first affordable automobile, Ford Model T said, " If I’d asked my customers what they want, they would have said a faster horse. "

Automobiles had already existed for decades, but they were scarce, expensive for a middle-class family and unreliable.

The Model T rolled out in 1908, was a major success for offering inexpensive transport. But what made it so desirable was the fact that it became a symbol of America’s rising middle class.

Henry Ford went on to say that the price would be so low that every man making a good salary will be able to afford his Model T.

Are We Getting Skin Care All Wrong?

There is a close connection between the idea behind the first affordable automobile and skin care.

Ask any skincare user, and they’ll tell you how they want better products for their skin- products that will suit their skin better, products that do not make their skin worse.

Skincare has been evolving for a number of years, but how is it that more and more women complain about their products?

Where is our skincare, something so personal to each of us, going wrong?

Is it the choices we make, or is it the change in the way we look at skin care?

Skin Care: A Paradigm Shift

Perfect skin

Flawless skin

Fair skin

… everything every woman hears from every skincare brand.

The advent of 10 step routine, chemicals, scrubs, and a lot of other products (we can go on, and on) have moved the focus of skin care, for women, to “ flawless skin.”

When did the health of the skin stop being the aim of actually using skincare?

Perfect, flawless and fair skin are all the benefits of healthy skin, not the other way round.

And to achieve the ‘miracle’ results the products are overloaded with chemicals, chemicals that are harmful to the skin. In addition to the chemicals, they are also loaded with ingredients that may or may not have an effect on your skin!

So, What’s Right In This Skin Care Jungle?

“Too many products are not better! ” Dr. Harish Koutam, MD- Dermatology, MBBS Member IADVL.

With the options available in the market, we often combine skincare products, not realizing that most of them prevent the other products from working on the skin.

Now, coming to our question.

There’s just one way of doing the right thing for your skin- switching to customized skin care. And here’s why it’s right:

  • Customized skincare begins by understanding your skin’s current state- your lifestyle, your surroundings, and your requirements
  • The products are formulated with just the right ingredients and base for your skin type, all in the right proportions
  • Will suit your skin perfectly because they’re made just for you and not million other skin types

Customization - Simple And Effective Skin Care

You know what customization is, and how it works.

Does sound like a complicated process? Trust us, it’s far from it.

There’s nothing involved. And with SkinKraft, it requires just a simple questionnaire to understand your skin.

Introducing, SkinKraft’s SkinIDTM Questionnaire!

SkinKraft’s 3 step process to finding the ideal skin care

India’s first skin profiling system, after 10,000 hours of research by skin care experts, dermatologists, pharmacists, and cosmetologists.

With its accurate characterization, here’s what SkinIDTM does for your skin:

  • Identifies and characterizes your skin requirements based on your questionnaire
  • Gives a detailed report of your skin, what it needs and what is right for you

- Nikita Agarwal, 26, Data Analyst

"I'll Never Have To Experiment With My Skin Again!"

“I must say I was very impressed by the process, and the detail with which the products are described. I love my customized products, and I’m happy to know that they’re the safest, purest and best possible products I can be using for my skin!

For somebody like me, who has tried using a lot of products, I know I’ll never have to experiment again… and that makes me very happy!”

Is There More?

Yes, there is, in fact, a lot more. Our detailed research has enabled us to tweak our process and products in both big and small ways- so that you get just the perfect products you need for your skin, every day of the month, and every month of the year.


Unique Skincare For Your Unique Skin

And one small step towards this is our follow-up process. A system to keep track of your skin’s changes and its changing needs!

Take the first step to be in charge of your skin. All skin care trends- fair and dewy skin, flawless skin, chemical-laden products- will go out of style, but having healthy skin never will!

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