In Oct 2018, The World’s Leading Skin Care Formulators, R&D Professionals, And Industry Decision Makers Are Meeting To Revolutionize Skincare.

The future of skincare is all about science and technology- an understanding of how skin works and what it needs.

A few short weeks from now, movers and shakers from the world of skincare will congregate at Prescot Street in London. Representatives and industry leaders will pour in from all over the world - Korea, Latin America, North America, China, and of course - India.

And all throughout the 2 day summit, the word on everyone’s lips will be the theme of the summit, the only point of discussion… customization in skin care, and it’s incredible benefits to the end user…. To You.


The Fact Is, SkinKraft Has Already Helped Tens Of Thousands Of Women In Realizing Their Ideal Skin Care.

And we’re just getting started. But don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what our customers have to say about trying their (and the world’s) very first customized skin care regimen:

At this point, it’s helpful to look at why customization is such a giant leap forward in achieving good, soft, clear and glowing skin - the kind of skin you really want.

Why Your Current Skin Care Regimen Isn’t Enough.

Picking the products you use on your face based on a TV ad, a good salesperson or internet reviews is a problem. The labels might say "for dry skin", but it's the ingredients, their concentration, and the overall formulation that matters. Those 3 things must be suited for your skin, and what it needs.

Here are the barriers or problems to effective daily care:

  1. Your Skin Has Unique Characteristics And Requirements.

    Your skin's characteristics are unique to you, just like your fingerprints. It can be oily, dry, normal or sensitive, it can exhibit acne or blemishes, tan or dark patches. It can be sensitive to products, or sensitive to light. But what's more...

  2. Your Skin's Characteristics Change Over Time

    Your skin behaves differently at different time. Your commute, your lifestyle, your geography, the weather, and your age are just some of the factors that affect your skin's characteristics at any given time. As these change, so does your skin, and what it needs.

  3. Your Skin Needs A Daily Regimen For Ideal Care & Repair

    An ideal daily care regimen that's suited to your skin ensures your skin doesn't get further damaged over time.

    Additionally, a complete regimen includes the right products with the right ingredients and formulations that help repair past damage and restore your skin's texture and smoothness.

    A regimen also repairs your skin barrier and adequately hydrates your skin. All of these factors give your skin the "glow" that makes you look and feel great.


How SkinKraft Solves The Skincare Problem



It’s easy to know your skin’s current characteristics and needs with our breakthrough, dermatologically approved, SkinID™ questionnaire. This helps both us and you to understand what your skin needs.



SkinKraft’s recommended daily skin care regimen has the right products and ingredients and formulations that help meet your skin’s unique needs.



With SkinKraft, regular SkinID™ check-ins and follow ups ensure that your skin always gets what it needs. Even as your skin and it’s needs change with time.

SkinKraft’s Customized Skin Care Regimen - Driven By A Decade Of Clinical Experience & Research

SkinKraft's customized products are formulated especially for your skin and its unique characteristics.

We're India's first customized skincare backed by science and research. Our products have a 3 step product design: dermato- cosmetologists, pharmacists & pharmaceutical engineers.

  • Our products are designed under dermatologist supervision 3 Step Product Design: Dermato-Cosmetologists, Pharmacists, & Pharmaceutical Engineers
  • They feature clinically tested Japanese ingredients & formulations
  • Our products are manufactured in Japan under international standards
  • The regimen is based on 10,000+ hours of research across India, Japan, & Taiwan

And this extent of clinical experience and research make SkinKraft extremely safe for your skin. Enabling us to know what ingredients are right for your skin and what you need to avoid to get clear, glowing skin.

  • Every SkinKraft ingredient is carefully chosen by a team of cosmetologists, dermatologists and pharmaceutical engineers. Every ingredient is chosen for exhibiting safety and effectiveness in skin care application over the long term.  
  • SkinKraft's products are free of 24 toxic ingredients such as Parabens, SLS, SLES, Sulphates etc
  • All SkinKraft skin care products are 100% soap free and thus safe for sensitive and sensitized skin


5 Reasons Your Skin Needs SkinKraft Right Away.

There's one thing that makes SkinKraft products one of a kind for your skin. And that one thing is customization.

Every product you get from SkinKraft is customised for your skin.

But, that's not it.

Did you know that not even 2 people's skin is the same? Everybody including you has unique skin needs and changes that take place because of lifestyle, transport, lifestyle and many more factors.

Customized skincare is for you if you:

  • Want Glowing Skin: SkinKraft's customized skin care regimen is for you if you want to have flawless skin and bring out your natural glow.
  • Your Skin Is Regularly Exposed To Damage: Pollution, sunlight, stress there's too much going on and damaging your skin is the last thing you want. The external factors can damage your skin, cause breakouts, make your skin look dull and dark.
  • Don't Know What Products Are Right For Your Skin: Choosing skincare is though. It's essential to know what your skin needs to find the right product. Using products at random, or because they suited someone you know is the kind of approach that has more negative effects than positive ones.
  • Need Peace Of Mind: Our SkinID™ questionnaire is verified and approved by dermatologists and clinical experts, as is every customized product that SkinKraft ships to you as part of your regimen  
  • Want Mild But Effective Products: SkinKraft's products and ingredients adhere to International safety standards, making them extremely mild on your skin. Our soap-free products do not dry out or irritate your skin

“I Was Tired Of Getting Nowhere With My Skin Problems And Was Not Getting Good Results...”

- Rashi Bhattacharya, 28, Journalist, Kolkata.

"I have tried so many products. Some seemed to work for a while but ultimately results were always underwhelming. I must have spent… I don’t even want to think how much on skin care products! All have been an utter waste of my time and even more importantly, a complete waste of money."

Saw Skinkraft customized skin care

"I was in the cab returning from office, when i first saw the skinkraft ad. Customized skin care was a completely new concept for me, and I wasn’t sure what to make of it. Surely it was yet another scam. But as i read more, i decided to try it. Their guarantee played a big part in convincing me to give it a shot."

"My skin has never been so clear... I just love my products!"

"I used skinkraft just as the usage instructions suggested for one month. I couldn’t see much difference, but my mom and one of my friends said my skin was looking much better! I was so happy i decided to go for 3 months subscription - and after 3 months of using Skinkraft, i am simply in love with my products! My uneven skin tone is MUCH better, and my skin is so soft! I am even getting used to receiving compliments for my skin! Very excited to see what happens after 6 months of usage. Love skinkraft, highly recommend it to anyone sick of wasting their money on products that didn’t have any effects. Go with customized skin care, you wont regret it!"

“I Was Sure I Would Be Running For The Money Back Guarantee"

- Kriti Suma, 24, Event Manager, Hyderabad.

Customized skin care sounds like another gimmick… but the ads kept catching my eye. The guarantee was good, so I decided to try the products... sure that I would be returning them.

First Impressions

The products come in a beautiful box. I LOVE the cleanser! It’s so smooth! The moisturizer was non-greasy and super easy to apply. The dark spot cream was a little oily, but the amazing customer service person explained how to use it properly. After just one week, my best friend asked me how my skin was looking so smooth!

“One of my best decisions”

It’s been 2 months since I started using skinkraft, and i honestly think it’s one of my best decisions. I love the products, and the customer service is simply amazing! I’m also happy that every day, my skin gets the right products that it needs. Plus, i get my products delivered home every month, which is so convenient! Really good concept, many many more people need to try skinkraft!”

Your Skin Doesn't have Unlimited Time. Especially Not For The Wrong Products.

What do you think happens to your skin if it does not get the attention it requires? How your skin looks and feels in the long run depends on what you do for your skin today.

If you leave your skin untreated, unprotected and expose it to constant damage by using random products, the chances of clear and glowing skin, over long term, are not many.

Getting clear and glowing skin over the long run is simple, all you have to do is find the right products for your skin. But, right skincare does not mean off-the-shelf products. They are formulated for a million other skin types and do not, necessarily, cater to your specific skin needs.

Fact about off-the-shelf skincare:

They contain Parabens, SLS, SLES etc., that can seriously damage your skin.

Do you remember reading Paraben-free, SLS-free in your current skincare? No, right?

This is what these products do to your skin:

  • Firstly, they do not work on your skin as expected
  • Even if they do work, they will only damage your skin's natural barrier with their harsh ingredients  
  • Lastly, long term usage of such products can lead to serious skin concerns- wrinkles, sagging skin, skin sensitivity, cell damage and much more

6 Reasons Why You Should Switch To SkinKraft Today!

  • Unbeatable Quality: SkinKraft's products are formulated based on 10,000+ hours of research across India, Japan and Taiwan. Additionally, clinically tested ingredients and formulations make SkinKraft products powerful and effective
  • All Round Protection: SkinKraft's customized range repairs and protects the deeper layers of your skin. They provide extra nourishment optimum hydration to your skin. As a regimen, the products work to restore the health of your damaged skin barrier
  • 100% Safety: Apart from being verified safe by dermatologists, SkinKraft is also free of 24 harmful ingredients that include Parabens, SLS, SLES, Sulphates etc. Additionally, all products are pH balanced, soap-free, and skin-repairing
  • The Price Is Just Right: The SkinKraft regimen retails at Rs 2,697. But, you can get it for as low as Rs, 999 per month with our 12 month subscription plan, a 67% discount! Even our trial pack is available for a solid 37% off, for a limited time only
  • India's First Dynamic Regimen: SkinKraft's skin care evolves with your skin. Every change in your skin, lifestyle or skin issue is addressed by SkinKraft's regimen. At absolutely no extra cost!
  • 30 Day “No Questions Asked” Money Back Guarantee: If you aren't satisfied with SkinKraft, for any reason, you can get 100% of your money back. No questions asked

SkinKraft’s Clear Skin Guarantee- Or 100% Money Back

We're certain you'll love SkinKraft's science-backed, dermatologist approved and research driven products. We know that customized skin care is going to be the game changer in your skin care that will enable you to stop guessing and testing on your skin. Simply put, SkinKraft offers the safest, fastest and simplest way to get actual results for your skin.

But that's not all. SkinKraft comes with our unique “Clear Skin Guarantee.”

That means that if, for any reason, your customized products don't meet your expectations, we will, within 30 days of receiving your order, give you 100% of your money back. No Questions Asked.

Simply get in touch with us at or on our toll free number 1800-120-004488 (between the hours of 9am to 6pm, Mon-Sat). This contact information can also be found on the bottom of the page.

With that said, here's what our customers have to say about their customized regimens:

Real People. Real Stories.

    • Oily Skin
    • Mild Acne
    • Non-Vegetarian
    • Dry Surroundings
    • Works Indoors
    "A long regimen puts me off"
    My job demands long work schedule outdoors, constant travelling, which really take a toll on my skin. I was exploring various skin care products when I came across SkinKraft. I was skeptical at first to try customized products for the first time. But, decided to try it anyway.
    Easy And Effective Skincare
    I did not find any visible difference during the first week, but, after following the 3 step regimen diligently, my skin felt smoother, my breakouts were controlled and overall my skin is balanced.
    • Normal Skin
    • Dry Surroundings
    • Non-Vegetarian
    • Works Indoors
    "I was doubtful about shifting to other skin care"
    Since I have combination skin, some parts of my face would become too oily, so I was never too keen on shifting to a new regimen. Though I was not sure, I still decided to give SkinKraft a shot.
    Great Regimen
    With SkinKraft, I no longer complain of oiliness, which was a big problem for me. I’m really happy that my skin seems to have developed a natural glow. My family compliments my skin often, and my friend keep asking me what I’m doing different. I love how my skin feels!
    • Sensitive Skin
    • Mild Acne
    • Dry Surroundings
    • Mostly Non-Veg
    "I Thought It Would Be A Waste Of Money, But I Was Desperate"
    After trying multiple products which made my acne worse, I decided to ask my friend how she took care of her acne breakouts. That's when she told me about SkinKraft. I was reluctant to spend money again, but decided to try it once.
    A turnaround in my skin
    With Skinkraft I could see a big change in my acne, and also in how my skin looks and feels all over. I’m very happy I listened to my friend and tried out SkinKraft!
    • Normal Skin
    • Tan
    • Dry Surroundings
    • Non-Vegetarian
    • Works Indoors
    "I always preferred home remedies instead of commercial skincare products"
    I’m a DIY enthusiast, and trying something which I haven’t made is a big no no for me. But I couldn’t find a remedy for my uneven skin tone. My friend said to try SkinKraft products as she was seeing good results on same issue
    It’s easy
    Although it took a while, my skin tone got better with every week. And it was so easy to use!
    • Normal Skin
    • Tan
    • Dry Surroundings
    • Non-Vegetarian
    • Works Indoors
    "I thought only products shown on T.V. worked, but that was before I used SkinKraft"
    I’ve spent ridiculously on expensive skin lightening creams, which all failed to fix my problem, or even make it much better. I was out of options, but then i researched on the internet and found SkinKraft.
    Didn’t look back ever since…
    I’ve noticed drastic changes in my skin tone and health since I’ve started using SkinKraft. I’m in total awe of customized products, and I would recommend this to anyone, who seeks to give their skin what it needs.
    • Normal Skin
    • Tan
    • Mild Acne
    • Non-Vegetarian
    • Bleaches Occasionally
    "I tried all sorts of creams, face washes, bb creams etc. for my uneven skin tone. Nothing worked, except SkinKraft"
    The result of so many products that i tried was always the same... i could still see the same uneven skin tone near my chin, upper lip and forehead area. I was frustrated until i started using skinkraft customized skin care for my uneven skin tone.
    I really love these products!
    the syndet face cleanser, barrier repair lotion and ultra skin lightening cream, are awesome! They not helped me in removing my uneven skin tone, but also changed the texture of my skin. I can feel the younger look :)
  • *Disclaimer: The results may vary for person to person.

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