Experts Believe Acne Control Is Possible With One Naturally Derived Ingredient.
Hint: The solution has been hiding in plain sight. It’s probably in your kitchen right now.


Dermatologists say that purging is a temporary phenomenon that lasts over a week to four weeks.

Post purging, skin begins to heal, gradually getting clearer and healthier.

Which leaves us at two important questions.

  1. How should we approach purging?
  2. What do dermatologists have to say about purging?

Let's start with the first one.

1. How Should We Approach Purging?


Purging is often misunderstood as the worsening of your skin condition.

On the contrary, the acne you see during purging is nothing but pre-existing clogged pores beneath your skin's surface.

These pores surface as acne earlier than usual due to an accelerated rate of exfoliation.

But of course, when you're fighting acne, new acne is the last thing you'd want.

And although your natural response would be to stop using the treatment immediately, try to resist giving up.

Remember that pimples you see during purging were actually concealed in the deeper layers of your skin.

It is only the speeding up of the cell renewal process that caused them to appear faster.

Which brings us to the next question-

2. What Do Dermatologists Have To Say About Purging?


After multiple tests, dermatologists realised that acne can be healed with 1 naturally derived ingredient

Some of the world's best dermatologists acknowledge purging as an effective method to heal acne, dark spots & dark patches.

Dr.Michelle Skelley, America's leading skin care specialist says...

Purging occurs when the cell renewal process is accelerated by an active ingredient found in skin care products.

I.e the acne that appears as small bumps were already hidden beneath your skin.

It surfaced only because the rate of exfoliation sped up.

Skelley also said that clogged pores are the real cause of pimples.

It takes 2 to 6 weeks to heal. Anything that goes beyond that is a side effect.

Here's What Dr.Anjali Mahato, U.K dermatologist, author of ‘The Skincare Bible' says about acne...

There’s one effective ingredient for acne and acne induced pigmentation.

It is derived from a very common, a very natural ingredient.

So common, it's probably sitting in your kitchen right now.

Can You Believe, One Of The Most Trusted Acne Treating Ingredients Comes From Wheat?

Well, it does.

Wheat, barley and rye are lab engineered to derive Azelaic acid.

Azelaic acid is a saturated dicarboxylic acid that heals acne effective. It is naturally found in wheat

Azelaic Acid works wonders when it comes to treating skin issues like acne and dark spots.

  1. It reduces the production of keratin (the protein that blocks pores & causes acne)
  2. It's anti-bacterial (reduces acne formation) and anti-inflammatory(reduces redness)
  3. It evens out your complexion, helping you achieve a radiant glow.

And it doesn’t stop there!

Azelaic acid also combats hyperpigmentation and melasma effectively.

But There’s One Thing That Separates Azelaic Acid From The Rest
& That Is...

It’s reaction on your skin while treating acne.

Since AzA works as an exfoliant, it causes your skin to purge.

This includes small bumps on the skin that resemble breakouts, blackheads and clogged pores.

But again, there’s nothing to worry about as purging lasts temporarily.

Once your skin goes through the initial process of purging, it clears out followed by a radiant glow.

Consider speaking to a dermatologist only if the purging lasts for more than a month.

Anything before that is just a period of adjustment.



Dr. Kaustav Guha, chief scientist at SkinKraft says “In the constant pursuit of innovation, our skilled team of dermatologists spent 10,000 hours on research to find high quality and clinically proven effective ingredients. It was concluded, after several tests, that Azelaic acid would be the main ingredient for our skin care products as it effectively treats grade 1 (Mild) and grade 2 (Moderate) levels of acne.”

Clinically Tested and Proven Effective, Azelaic Acid Is The Main Active In SkinKraft’s Formulation For Acne


Dermatologists spent 10,000 hours at chemical labs on research and development of our products

Specialists at SkinKraft spent 10,000 hours on research to help you achieve the healthy skin you want.

One of our highest priorities were choosing high quality and clinically proven effective ingredients.

Subsequently, Azelaic acid was chosen as the main ingredient for the SkinKraft Acne Control Cream formulation as it has repeatedly proven to be effective for both Grade 1 (mild) amd Grade 2 (Moderate) acne.

Following a consistent application of Azelaic acid you may experience signs of purging, but discontinuing the application will only leave the job half done.

While your acne is being taken care of, there is more work to be done beneath the surface.

Any skin issue treatment cannot be fully effective until your foundational skincare routine supports it.

So we went a step ahead. And this what makes SkinKraft different.

SkinKraft Stands For Better Skin. And Beyond.


SkinKraft’s products prevent skin damage, moisturizes your skin & improves it’s overall health.

Over years, with ageing, external and intrinsic factors, lifestyle and experimentation with skincare products, the top most barrier of your skin, is damaged.

To improve the overall health, look and texture of your skin, SkinKraft prevents three main issues:

  1. Skin damage due to harsh cleansing - by giving you a safe and gentle cleanser that maintains your skin's natural pH.
  2. A barrier repairing moisturizer that not only moisturizes skin but also replaces the ceramide loss in your skin barrier.
  3. And most importantly, formulating both the cleanser and the moisturizer according to your skin type.

With cleansers & barrier repair moisturizers based on individual skin types, we want to help you start your skin care journey afresh.

In short, we want to lay the foundation of clean, clear and healthy skin.

So why not go back to healing your skin?

After all, it's just a click away.

“I woke up one morning to see my skin flared up with pimples. I was terrified. This is not what I had signed up for.”

But, my views changed when I called SkinKraft’s customer care .

A skin care specialist explained to me over call that my skin was not experiencing any breakouts.

It was actually purging.

“It was hard to believe at first. In fact, I felt more lost & confused.”

But I desperately wanted clear skin. So I decided to be patient & give it more time.

My skin actually started to change. Within 3 weeks, my pimples were gone!

“My complexion cleared up too & gave this beautiful sheen.”

I’d highly recommend SkinKraft to all those who have acne, it has worked great on me.

Will definitely suggest giving it a try.

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