Esthetic Insights Barrier Repair Cream by SkinKraft

Esthetic Insights Barrier Repair Cream by SkinKraft

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₹ 1,599.00

A moisturizing cream with ceramides which provides the deeper layers of your skin with optimum hydration, assists in healing damaged skin and retaining water to avoid dry skin.

A Barrier Repair Cream is recommended for your skin as it:

  • Nourishes, repairs and soothes dry and damaged skin
  • Repairs and restores missing ceramides, fatty acids and cholesterol back into the skin barrier
  • Enhances skin barrier functioning and normalises the TEWL (Transepidermal excess water loss) in dry skin
  • Prevents infection that may take hold due to a damaged skin barrier

The moisturizer has ingredients that are specifically suited for the key functions listed above. They include:

  1. Cream base with humectants, that effectively hydrates dry and damaged skin, making skin softer and smoother through occlusive action
  2. Ceramide EOP, a skin conditioning agent that nourishes the damaged skin barrier, regulates excess water loss, and restores moisture back into the skin.
  3. Ceramide AP, a naturally derived ceramide that restores healthy epidermis and skin barrier function
  4. Ceramide NP,  a naturally derived ceramide, which assists in retaining water back into the skin, and also helps prevent TEWL (moisture loss) which makes your skin excessively dry and rough.

Phytosphingosine, a naturally occurring compound with antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. It prevent any infection from taking hold in the skin, while simultaneously soothing dry skin.