Key Ingredients

Ceramide EOP
Ceramide AP
Ceramide NP
Dry emollients

Great For

For Normal-Oily Skin

Why Is SkinKraft’s Potent C+E Rejuvenating Face Serum Better Than Others Available In The Market?

  • Repairs damaged skin barrier
  • Restores hydrating agents in the skin's barrier
  • Prevents excessive water loss in dry skin
  • Curbs the development of acne
  • Leaves skin feeling smooth & non-greasy
  • Leads to further damage of sensitive skin
  • Causes loss of hydrating agents leading to rough skin
  • Causes excess dehydration
  • Does not effectively prevent the development of new acne
  • Leaves the skin feeling greasy and sticky

Here’s What Our Customers Say About Us

Ankita Roy | 5th July 2020

This has become such an important part of my skincare routine now! Totally love it!

Snehas Anjali | 19th July 2020

I’ve used it for a month now and I must say it has definitely made my skin more glowy and smooth..

Krishna | 27th Sept 2020

I was suffering with dark spots and oily skin. This product definitely helped solve my skin issues!

Aparna | 3rd Oct 2020

This gel is the perfect moisturiser that you could ever ask for

Deepak | 30th July 2020

Luv it! Must try

Sai Kumar | 2nd August 2020

This serum helped lighten the dark spots on my skin. Great product

Keerthi | 7th August 2020

This serum doesn’t block my pores at all.. Best one ever!

Shriya Rathod | 15th August 2020

I’m so happy that I found this serum! Great product! I could feel a visible difference in my skin after 3 weeks of use

Naina | 19th August 2020

You should definitely give this a try!

Pavan Kumar | 21st August 2020

Tried a customized skin care product for the first time and I must say I will stick to this product for a long time!

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Potent C+e Rejuvenating Face Serum

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