About SkinKraft

Our Journey Starts With You

SkinKraft is an offering from Stylecraze, the world’s largest beauty and wellness website. The need for SkinKraft became clear as a result of answering tens of thousands of skin care queries and questions from our women readers.

We found that ideal skincare begins with an understanding of skin, and it’s characteristics, issues and needs.

This realization resulted in the creation of Skinkraft, India’s first dermatologically-approved and scientific customised skin care regimen. Over 10,000+ hours of research across India, Japan, & Taiwan went into laying the foundation of what was to come.

Why Choose SkinKraft?

A collaborative effort from a team of expert Dermato-Cosmetologists, Pharmacists and Pharmaceutical Engineers, led to the creation of SkinKraft products. Formulated with international quality ingredients and the highest, most stringent standards for testing and safety, the products have been specifically created to meet the current and changing demands of your skin.

The time-tested and scientifically backed ingredients and formulations that go into each one of SkinKraft’s products have been painstakingly tested for Indian skin suitability and effectiveness, with tests ranging up to and over 28 weeks with a varied group of closely monitored users.

The promising results seen with this group, as well as our expertise in skin science and dermato-cosmetology have confirmed our beliefs. We now know for certain that customized skin care is a better skin care, and the future of skin care.

That’s why, we at SkinKraft believe that the essential daily skin care works best when it’s customized to fit your individual needs - because just like you, your skin too is unique.

Free Of Chemicals

Often, most skincare products are loaded with chemical to give you instant gratification and results. But, these hazardous chemicals seep right into our skin and often trigger long term problems for the skin.

Every Skinkraft Product is free from primary and secondary harmful ingredients like SLS, SLES, Phthalates, BPA, Parabens and more.

How SkinKraft Works?

SkinKraft’s unique SkinID assess your skin based on your lifestyle, your eating habits, your exposure to pollution, the degree of sensitivity, and all the other myriad factors that constantly affect your skin.

After a thorough assessment of your skin through our SkinID questionnaire, a customised skincare regimen is provided based on your Skin’s current needs — and all this at your convenience, without having to break your back over periodic visits to the dermatologist or emptying your pockets for those expensive treatments.

Once the products are assigned, SkinKraft keeps a regular check on how it’s working for you and ensures that the daily regimen is constantly adapting to the evolving needs of your skin.

Start Your Skinkraft journey

Customized skin care is the future of skin care. It is the difference between guessing & hoping, and knowing what your skin needs. So, start your journey today by taking the SkinID TM questionnaire from SkinKraft.

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