Change Products That Don’t Suit Your Skin In 3 Simple Steps

Take The SkinKraft Follow-Up Questionnaire

Answer just a few simple questions 7-10 days post product usage to describe how your products feel on your skin.

Get Instant Recommendations From Skin Experts On A Product Change

SkinKraft’s Skin Experts evaluate your initial experience with your products. They either recommend a better cleanser/moisturizer or correct usage if necessary to suit your skin.

Get Free Product Changes Shipped To You Immediately

If your Follow-Up identifies a product Change (cleanser/moisturizer) it will be shipped to you immediately for Free. Continue using your recommended set of products in order to have a successful Skin care journey.

Follow-Up Benefits

Skin Experts Instant Recommendation On Products That Don’t Suit You

We want you to have the best skincare experience with our best team evaluating every sensory feedback given and making sure you’re using products that suit your skin

FREE Product Change Shipped Immediately

Product changes on your cleanser/moisturizer will be created and shipped to you immediately for Free


Product changes are applicable only to your cleanser/moisturizer/shampoo/conditioner

You will receive a Whatsapp notification with the Follow-Up link on your registered mobile number 7-10 days from your order delivery or you can log into your SkinKraft account and view your Follow-up enabled on your profile. Click on the link/button provided to complete your Follow-Up.

Once you’ve started using your products for a week, the Follow-Up will help you to identify and keep what works for your skin/hair and change what doesn’t. This will ensure effective product to skin compatibility and better results.

Your Free product change will be created and shipped to you immediately, you will be able to track the order status on your profile.

In order to have a successful Skin care journey, it's important to know what your skin/hair currently requires based on various factors (weather, body changes, surroundings) If you miss taking the Follow-Up, there are chances you might be using products that do not suit your current skin/hair needs and hence you’re not able to achieve or see the desired results.

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