SkinKraft’s Customized Body Care: Your Healthy Skin Care Journey Starts Here

Do you know how your face feels tight and dry after using harsh cleansers?

The same happens with your body.

It can also feel tight, dry, and rough, irrespective of the weather conditions outside.

There are 2 reasons for this:

  • Harsh ingredients in your generic body wash that strip the skin of its natural oils
  • Another reason being, long hot showers

And what adds to the dryness is your lotion/cream that only moisturizes the top layer of the skin.

That means the deeper layers of your skin do not regain the lost moisture and are prone to further damage.

Don't Wait Until It's Too Late. Get The Right Care For Your Skin.

Now imagine the damage to be 3x more than what you have considered.

Because the products are used every day, sometimes twice a day, the damage only keeps building up!

But over time, this gives way to various skin issues:

  • Itching
  • Xerosis
  • Spots
  • And wrinkles

So, What’s The Alternative?

Switching to body care that’s mild on the skin, doesn’t strip the skin of its natural oils, and moisturizes from within.

SkinKraft’s body care range offers all this while being customized for your skin type!

What Makes SkinKraft Different From Generic Body Care Products?

This might occur to you - what’s wrong with the products you’ve used for so long?

Or that it’s never been an issue before, so why now?

That’s because there never was anything different available. All the products had the same thing to offer - rough, dry skin.

And now, you might ask…

So, what makes SkinKraft’s Body Care Different?

The SkinKraft System Of Body Care

SkinKraft’s Body Care Stories

Ananda Mathur


Love this body care range!️

Skinkraft Products Are Just Awesome! I Used Its Skincare Box First So Thought Of Buying The Body Care Box Too. And I Must Say I Am Very Happy With My Soft Smooth Skin Now. 10/10 Products.

Preity Raichandani


Just try this once!

Perfect For Daily Use. I Feel So Fresh And Clean After Using This

Bhavana Shetty


After Using These Products My Skin Feels So Fresh. I’m Gonna Continue Using It For Better Results!!

Saba Saeed


My new favorite self care box!

When I Saw About This New Body Range.. I Knew I Had To Try It.. These Products Are So Amazing. I Love It. Every Product Suited My Skin. Go For This Guys!

Lokesh Goswami


Good For My Dry Skin. My Hands And Legs Don’t Become Dry After Using The Body Wash.️

Rauff Jawahar


Great products

I Had Very Dry Skin On My Arms And Feet, And These Products Really Helped With That. The Sk Body Lotion Is Especially My Favorite As It Really Made My Skin Feel Very Soft And Smooth.

*Disclaimer: The results may vary for person to person.

SkinKraft Wins The Cosmo Beauty Awards - 2019 Edition!

SkinkraftWe wrapped up the Cosmo beauty awards 2019 with the Best Breakthrough Product!

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