Introducing: SkinKraft’s Customized Body Care Range For A Complete Skincare Routine

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Everyone’s focus has always been on finding the right skincare to achieve smooth, glowing skin.

And SkinKraft’s customized skin care has helped over 1.8 million Indians do just that!

But now, there is a need for more.

Something that’s been missing from your daily routine.

No, it’s not another skincare product, it’s about your body care.

Do you remember when you took your body care seriously?

Maybe in winter, when the skin was really dry? Well, you’re not the only one.

Body care is a major part of skincare.

And keeping that in mind, SkinKraft has launched India’s 1st Customized Body Care Range!

Are Your Current Body Care Products Harming Your Skin? Find Out!

Pollution, sun damage, etc., all take a toll on the body every day.

A general belief is that skin dryness, roughness, etc., are all signs of damage from these factors.

But what body care companies do not want you to know is - Their Soaps/Body Washes Are Causing More Damage!


For e.g. as seen in the image, a soap/body wash’s pH level (9-10) is way higher than that of the skin (4-5).

This means these products strip the skin of natural oils, damaging the barrier and thus causing dry and rough skin.

Without any products to repair the barrier, the skin damage is piling up!

With SkinKraft, Get India’s 1st Customized Body Care Regimen

regimen kit

Repair, protect and nourish your skin with SkinKraft's 3-kit regimen!

Find Your Perfect Body Care In Just 3 Steps


Step 1: Take The Quiz

The quiz is a great way to understand your skin type, texture, and hydration levels.


Step 2: Get Product Recommendations

Your quiz response is evaluated to customize your products with the most suitable ingredients for your unique skin.


Step 3: See The Difference The Right Products Can Make!

Start using your customized regimen for skin that stays 98% softer, smoother, and hydrated throughout the day!

Here’s What’s In & What’s Out Of Your Body Care Regimen


Here’s What People Are Saying About SkinKraft’s Body Care


Preity Raichandani


Just try this once!

Perfect for daily use. I feel so fresh and clean after using this

Ananda Mathur


Love this body care range!️

Skinkraft products are just awesome! i used its skincare box first so thought of buying the body care box too. and i must say i am very happy with my soft smooth skin now. 10/10 products.


Saba Saeed


My new favorite self care box!

When i saw about this new body range.. i knew i had to try it.. these products are so amazing. i love it. every product suited my skin. go for this guys!

Bhavana Shetty


After using these products my skin feels so fresh. i’m gonna continue using it for better results!!


Rauff Jawahar


Great products

I had very dry skin on my arms and feet, and these products really helped with that. the sk body lotion is especially my favorite as it really made my skin feel very soft and smooth.

Lokesh Goswami


Good for my dry skin. my hands and legs don’t become dry after using the body wash.️

*Disclaimer: The results may vary for person to person.

Your Skin's Safety Is Our Top Most Priority

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No Phthalates

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