Know About Our Expert Review Process

SkinKraft understands how valuable and crucial your health, skin, and hair are. This is why we have a large team of experts who devote their time to fact-check every piece of information provided to you in our blogs. Our dermatologists, nutritionists, lead scientists, and formulation team also regularly share their knowledge and feedback with the editorial team to maintain the highest medical integrity in our articles.

SkinKraft's Expert Review Team

At SkinKraft, the articles we publish reach thousands of readers every day. Through our platform, the readers get access to valuable information related to overall health, skin, and hair. We have their faith invested in us and hence, we strive to go that extra mile to deliver credible content to them, especially when it comes to serious skin, hair, and health issues that concern them. As a customized beauty solutions brand, we understand how important it is to provide our readers with clinically accurate, relevant, and simplified content. That's why every article of ours goes through a thorough evaluation by our team of medical & expert reviewers.

We have a fully functional review team that ensures the content we provide is of the highest quality and scientifically accurate. The experts invest significant time to fact-check every piece of information provided to you in our blogs. The dedicated team makes sure the content is reliable, authentic, and most importantly, follows medical & journalistic ethics.

SkinKraft’s review team consists of leading dermatologists, nutritionists, scientists, and product formulation experts. These highly experienced professionals bring along extensive experience and expertise from the fields of dermatology, trichology, research, and cosmetic formulations.

How Does The Review Process Work?

After the articles are edited for grammar, language, and readability, they are sent to our review team for fact checks. The clinical guidelines, treatment measures, medical advisories mentioned in the articles are specially assessed and approved by the medical team. The experts also go through the sources used for the articles to check their credibility. Post the checks, they share their feedback with the writers, who then make the necessary changes and corrections. This is again reviewed by the experts one last time to ensure that every piece of information coming to you is authentic. Rest assured, the content you read is a trusted source of information.

The review team also walks the extra mile to add their exclusive advice and expert opinions for your skincare, healthcare, and haircare. These expert comments include tips, safety measures, ingredient suggestions, etc.

Keeping Pace With The Latest Trends

The beauty and wellness industries are constantly evolving. Every day, researchers are coming up with something new that influences the way one should ideally take care of their skin, hair, nutrition, etc. Researchers may approve or disapprove of many theories or medications that were used in the past. Previously used methods or treatments may not be suggested for use anymore. Thus, it is essential to be up to date with the current status of medical science.

We, at SkinKraft, pledge to deliver up-to-date information through our content. Therefore, we update our articles as and when necessary with the latest developments and research information about the topic. We bring all the necessary medical advancements, new approaches, research development, statistics, and doctor’s inputs through our updated articles on the website.

Our Medical Reviewers