If you’ve got oily skin, the ONE thing that should be coming to your inbox any second is a game changer.

But that’s not enough for great skin. You see, great skin requires a complete set of products that all complement each other and work together to give your oily skin exactly what it needs to be radiant, clear and fuss-free.

But some people go through their whole lives without finding these perfect products.

Don’t be one of them.

The First Step To The Ideal Glass-Clear Skin You Always Wanted Is Knowing Your Skin!


Just one “magic” product isn’t the ideal way to take care of your oily skin. Maybe some time in the future such a product will exist… but for right now, it doesn’t.

What that means is that you need a skin regimen that accurately takes care of your skin. That’s because:

  1. Using the right cleanser may be a good start, but if your moisturizer is clogging your pores, it’s no use.
  2. In the same vein, you may be using an excellent moisturizer suited for oily skin, but if your cleanser is stripping your skin of essential lipids and causing pH imbalance… your skin is only going to remain oily.
  3. Many products contain ingredients that are damaging to your skin. Using these products will cause changes in your skin such as excessive melanin production (skin darkening and spots), and even excessive oil production.
  4. Off-the-shelf products are made for everybody which means that they are generally watered-down in efficacy. These products may be very slow in affecting changes in your skin, if at all.
  5. Many products contain ingredients that are simply not required for your skin. This lowers the overall efficacy of the formulation, as well as increases the cost of the product.
  6. You may have a skin issue - such as tan, acne or dark spots that you are using a different product for. The different formulations in use in these “active” products can also cause surface oiliness, even though your other products are working for your oily skin.
  7. Your lifestyle, location and previous product also has an impact on your skin’s characteristics and needs. The more your products take these factors into account, the better suitability and effectiveness of your skin regimen.

The simple fact is this - the more you know about your skin, the easier it is to get products with the right ingredients that actually benefit your oily skin by:

  1. Removing excessive sebum
  2. Reducing oil production in your sebacious glands
  3. Eliminate excessive “sheen” without damaging skin pH
  4. Repair your skin’s natural barrier (Stratum Corneum) that leads to much healthier and less oilier skin overall
  5. Help you achieve a natural glow and clear skin that you always wanted!

The First Step To The Ideal Glass-Clear Skin You Always Wanted Is Knowing Your Skin!


Fortunately, knowing your exact skin characteristics and requirements is very easy! Not only easy, it’s also completely free.

Simply click the button below to get started with SkinID™, a dermatologist-approved skin profiling questionnaire, brought to you by SkinKraft.

SkinID™ helps you know exactly what your skin needs, right down to every ingredient, and is based on dermatologist expertise.

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