India’s #1 Customized Hair Care Regimen

A 3-product customized regimen to make your hair damage-free, healthy, smooth and shiny.

  • Shampoo: pH balanced, repairs and offers extra nourishment
  • Conditioner: repairs damaged hair strands, fixes split ends and frizz
  • Pro-Growth Hair Serum: strengthens each hair strand and helps hair growth

Rs.2797 Rs. 999

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Your Hair Type. Your Hair Concern. Your Hair Care

Your hair needs unique care based on your hair type, whether it's straight, wavy or curly.

SkinKraft has the perfect hair care products that will repair, protect, and nourish your hair to make it silky, smooth, and shiny.

Any Hair Type

  • Normal

  • Dry

  • Oily

Any Hair Concern

  • Damage

  • Dandruff

  • Frizz

  • Split ends

  • Hair fall


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Trying To Find The Right Hair Care Products?

With a number of products in the market, and all of them made for every hair type, it becomes tough to understand what’s right for your hair. And that’s when we look for suggestions from friends, bloggers, etc.,.

Find The Right Products With SkinKraft.

SkinKraft’s customized hair care products are made for your specific hair type because we believe that your hair is unique. With clinically tested ingredients, dermatologist-approved formulations, your customized products work to give your hair the best care it needs and deserves, every day!

How to use



Apply to wet hair and work into a lather. Rinse thoroughly. Repeat the process if required.



After shampooing, apply through the length of the hair and massage in. Rinse off thoroughly. Repeat every time you shampoo.

Follow up with the SkinKraft conditioner.


Apply 8 - 10 drops on the scalp. Massage it into the scalp and through the length of the hair strands. For best results, use daily at night.

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Aparna | 12 Feb 2020

Best products for dandruff”

Deepa | Jan 3 2020

“My hair always feels so soft and shiny.”

Kavya | April 4 2020

“I’m never gonna use another product.”

Shilpa | Sep 9 2020

"My hair texture has improved after just one wash!"

Samurna | Jun 12 2020

"This shampoo is the best thing that happened to my hair!"

Sakshi | Feb 2 2020

"SkinKraft has done wonders for my hair!"

Harini | Aug 8 2020

“I’ve made the right choice for my hair.”

Sreya | May 17 2020

“My hair feels softer, smoother, shinier!”

Samara | June 12 2020

“More volume, more shine with every wash.”

Tulika | Sep 1 2020

"SkinKraft has done wonders for my hair!"

Faria | July 6 2020

“No more loose strands in the drain”

Namrata | May 4 2020

“Game changer for thin hair!”

Sudipta | March 14 2020

“With SkinKraft, my hair looks shiny and feels smooth!”

Aditi | May 12 2020

“My hair has been brought back to life”

Jaya | Sep 3 2020

“My hair fall reduced”

Shloka | Feb 8 2020

“It makes my curls soft”

Roopa | Feb 19 2020

“Love it”

Mythili | Jan 4 2020

“My hair became thick and voluminous”

Sukruthi | Feb 2 2020

“After just 4 weeks of using I can see a difference”

Karthika | Aug 19 2020

“My hair is now damage-free and full of life”

Shireen | Jul 18 2020

“The conditioner made my hair so soft and smooth”

Nishitha | May 20 2020

“Personally, I think this is the best product for hair!”

Nivrithi | June 6 2020

“I had lots of split ends but now my hair feels healthier”

Ramya | Aug 25 2020

“I finally found the product that suited my hair. Really amazing”

Monica | May 16 2020

“My hair looks fresh even if I don’t wash for 3 days. Very nice shampoo”

Padma | Feb 16 2020

“I had rough wavy hair. Now its very smooth and frizz-free”

Meena | Jan 30 2020

“SkinKraft helped a lot with my split ends”

Neeti | July 6 2020

“It suited my dry scalp very nicely”

Garima | May 9 2020

“My damaged hair now feels and looks very healthy”

Slesha | July 6 2020

“I could feel my hair getting better in 2 weeks”

Mahi | June 1 2020

“My hair never felt so good”

Ananya | May 29 2020

“My hair looks and smells great”

Jessi | Jan 19 2020

“I was struggling with itchiness but SkinKraft helps me”

Sangeetha | Aug 5 2020

“Serum helped with hair growth. Very nice!”

Prabha | Mar 14 2020

“I used it twice a week for 4 months. Now my hair is thick, and smooth”

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