Customized Hair Care, Made Just For You.

Give your hair what it needs with SkinKraft’s customized hair care.

Your hair is unique.

So are its concerns and needs...which can not be fulfilled by one-size-fits-all hair care products.

And this belief only became stronger when we launched SkinKraft- India’s first customized skin care brand that revolutionized how 1.8 million modern Indian women took care of their skin.

So after 10,000 hours of research, we created SkinKraft’s customized hair care regimen made, especially for you and your hair. 

But first...

Know How Your Hair Works

Your hair has 3 important layers that determine the health of the hair:

the outermost layer

the second layer that gives the hair its color

the innermost layer of the hair shaft

A smooth cuticle, lying flat on the cortex shows signs of healthy hair.

And a raised cuticle, with an exposed cortex, indicates damaged hair. This you can identify by checking how fast your hair absorbs water.

If your hair absorbs water faster, then, your hair is damaged.

Coming to damage, at SkinKraft, we have classified it into 3 levels based on its effect on the hair:

Level 1: Mild damage caused by UV exposure, pollution, and frequent hair wash- mostly affecting the cuticle and causing it to be raised.

The hair looks dull, dry and has moderate breakage.

Level 2: Chemical treatments, coloring or bleaching start the breakdown of the cuticle layer and exposing the cortex in certain areas.

In this case, the hair is coarse, has split ends, breakage.

Level 3: A complete breakdown of the cuticle, leaving the cortex vulnerable. Such damage is caused by heat treatments- straightening, curling, and styling.

This leaves the hair has a very coarse texture, and split ends through the length of the hair strand.

How Does SkinKraft’s Customization Process Help?

Each customized product is formulated with the requisite 18-MEA to compensate for the lost barrier, hydrolyzed keratin, and protein complex to add strength to the hair.

With the 18-MEA reposited, the hair restores its water-repelling capacity- decreasing friction, frizz, and tangling.

The balanced pH, restored lipid layer, and the mix of proteins work to make the nourished, healthier and shinier.

Your Hair Type. Your Hair Concern. Your Products


A deep cleansing, low foam shampoo, customized to suit your hair type


A customized conditioner to offer intense moisturization, add luster and shine to each hair strand

How To Get Your Customized Hair Care Products

Take The Hair Questionnaire

Tell us about your hair- its type, texture- and a little more about the goals you want to achieve for your hair. And then, our experts will analyze your hair care needs

View Your Recommended Products

Your questionnaire determines the unique mix of ingredients. Formulated with clean and effective ingredients, your chosen color, and fragrance, the products address your specific hair needs

Get Your Customized Products

With that done, customized products, with your name, will be delivered right at your doorstep with free bottle pumps and your regimen usage instructions.

Create Your Unique Hair ID


Dry Scalp | UV Exposed | Dyed Hair

Customized Products:

Color: Peachy Coral

Fragrance: Sea Breeze

Pound’s Hair Goals: more moisturizing, daily maintenance, color protection


Normal Scalp | Heat Treatments | Split Ends

Customized Products:

Color: Tender Lilac

Fragrance: Apple Blossom

Sharmishta’s Hair Goals: more moisturizing, fix split ends, deep conditioning


Oily Scalp | Dyed Hair | Dandruff

Customized Products:

Color: Dusty Rose

Fragrance: Sweet Jasmine

Naomi’s Hair Goals: more volume, color protection, oil control

What You Will Not Get

Every product is 100% safe, we made sure of it.

Our Proven Formula For Success

The expert team that has pioneered customized skin care in India has just made customized hair care a reality. They are the reason why 1.8 million modern Indians trust and use SkinKraft every day.

Dr. Harish Kautam

MD- Dermatology, MBBS
Member IADVL
Chief Dermatologist, SkinKraft Labs

Dr. Kaustav Guha

M.Sc, IIT Kharagpur
Ph.D, Durham UK
Director, R&D Division, SkinKraft Labs

The hair questionnaire gives an accurate and up to date picture of your hair type, hair characteristics, and needs.

This helps our experts in building your ideal products to repair, protect and strengthen your hair- the foundation to healthy, shiny hair.

Real People. Real Stories

Healthy hair makes healthy customers who couldn’t stop gushing about it.

Here’s what some of our customers had to say about their hair care:

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