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You know your hair type, but can’t find the right products for it?

Then we’re sorry to say but, you might not be as in tune with your hair and you would like to think.

Just like skin, while choosing hair care products a few factors need to be considered.

    Yes, the hair type- straight curly, but also:
  • Your hair texture
  • Your hair volume
  • Your scalp type
  • The level of sun exposure

Among a few more.

If that seems too much to keep track of, there’s an easier solution- SkinKraft’s Hair Questionnaire.

Know More About Your Hair, With SkinKraft.

But before you move on to taking your hair quiz, here are all the points, as mentioned above, that your customized SkinKraft products are formulated by:

Hair Type: The shape of each hair strand




Hair Thickness: The thickness of each hair strand




Hair Volume: The overall thickness of the hair




Scalp Type: The way the scalp feels after a wash it - dry, normal, oily




The Level Of Damage: Hair damage has 3 levels. This is to depict how severely your hair is damaged, and to understand what products it needs.

  • Level 1- Sun exposure
  • Level 2- Straightening/Blow Dry
  • Level 3- Coloring/Hair Dye

How To Get Your Customized Hair Care Products


Take The Hair Quiz

Tell us about your hair- its type, texture- and a little more about the goals you want to achieve for your hair. And then, our experts will analyze your hair care needs.


Get Your Detailed Hair Analysis

Your analysis determines the extent of hair damage and the unique mix of ingredients required to address it. See your recommended customized products, and what they do for your hair.


Get Your Customized Products

Choose the right plans for you, and get your customized products, with your name, delivered right at your doorstep with free bottle pumps and your regimen usage instructions

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Dandruff less in 4 days

When i started using hair care products , the level of hair fall reduced like a pro....dandruff issues gone within 4 days loved it

Sarmistha Singh Rajput



Solved Hair Fall and Frizzy Hair Problem

This is amazing product according to my hair every day lot of may hair fall I was completely stressed thank you skinkraft you made shampoo and conditioner according to my hair analysis I am so glad about your products




Hair damage under control

I'm very happy 😀with my hair's like a dream to me hair damage is totally under control and hair is so silky , everything is just amazing in my hair products . Your customer services are too good . I'm ☺️totally happy with skin Kraft hair products

*Disclaimer: The results may vary for person to person.

Your Hair Type. Your Hair Concern. Your Products


A deep cleansing, low foam shampoo, customized to suit your hair type


A customized conditioner to offer intense moisturization, add luster and shine to each hair strand

Your Pro-Growth Hair Serum

The ultra-modern serum is mild on the scalp and goes deep to rejuvenate and strengthen the hair follicles- preventing hair fall. It also helps in controlling frizz by smoothening the hair.

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