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What Makes SkinKraft The Perfect Choice For Your Hair?

  • Made to suit your hair type
  • Low-foaming formulation that prevents scalp damage
  • Free of parabens, SLS and other harmful chemicals
  • Infused with 18-MEA, a protein that repairs damaged hair and strengthens it
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Chemicals In Regular Hair Care Products Damage Your Hair In Just 1 Wash.

With every wash, the damage just piles up making hair rough and dry


Other Products

  • Not made for your hair type
  • Has parabens, SLS and other harmful chemicals that damage hair
  • Heavy foaming that make the scalp dry, rough and itchy
  • Creates pH imbalance due to high foaming sulfates
  • Drys out the hair tips with the harsh formulation
  • Increases hair fall with every hair wash

SkinKraft Products

  • Made for your hair type, texture and concerns
  • Free of parabens, sulfates and 24 other chemicals
  • Low foaming products- maintain scalp’s pH balance
  • Nourishes hair root to tip with 18-MEA, a protein that strengthens hair
  • Customize your products with the color and fragrance of your choice
  • FREE no-contact delivery across India
  • Silky hair in 1 wash, or 100% money back guarantee
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(Get hair care products that suit your hair)

Hair Care That’s Made For You. And Only You

With your name, favorite colour, and the fragrance of your choice

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(Get hair care products that suit your hair)

Trusted & Loved By 1.8 million Indians For Silkier & Healthier Hair

SkinKraft has consistently helped women across India get silkier and healthier hair!

Sarmistha Singh Rajput



Solved hair fall and frizzy hair problem

This is amazing product according to my hair every day lot of may hair fall I was completely stressed thank you skinkraft you made shampoo and conditioner according to my hair analysis I am so glad about your products




Nice and worth

When i started using hair care products , the level of hair fal reduced like a pro....dandruff and hairfall isues gone within fourdays loved it



Genuine review

I've been using this product about a month now and I feel this products are working well on my skin and hair. My skin looks hydrated and my hair looks healthy. Thank you skinkraft.
Wow !
Wow !
Wow !
Simply amazing
Every women should try this out




Skincraft is a gift for me...

Thankuu so much skincraft. Thankuu so much u give me ur precious time nd product for my hair.. skincraft products I Love it nd my hair is soft nd dandruff is minimum... Thankuu skincraft...

Kiarra Rai



Excellent product

I saw an advertisement in YouTube and visited the skinkraft website. I filled all the questionnaire and skinkraft doctors suggested a kit. My hair problem resolved drastically and I am having confidence that I will get back my normal hair within 4 months. This is not an add. This is the fact. I will recommend to everyone to use skinkraft because it reduced my split ends and my scalp not feel so itchy now. Thanks to skinkraft for such good product recommendation.

Gayatri Chaware



Amazing hair products

So helpful which reduces stress of my hairfall 🥰 so happy

Aaheliya Adak



Good products

I've been using skinkraft hair products for more than 2 months now and I've seen a significant change in the texture of my hair. My hair has a lot of split ends and is very damaged due to styling but I feel like my hair is getting it's texture back again. All thanks to skinkraft.

*Disclaimer: The results may vary for person to person.

clear hair guarantee
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Unique Products, For Your Unique Hair

We have shipped over 1 million+ unique SkinKraft products


“No other product has worked the way SkinKraft’s products have.”
- Ananya

How It Works

  • Step 1: Take The Hair Quiz
  • Step 2: Get A Detailed Analysis Of Your Hair Needs
  • Step 3: Get Customized Hair Care Products

Order your customized products- that work 2X better on your hair!

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Know How You Can Get Hair Care Made For You In 2 Easy Steps

See how Veda got her customized hair care products


“The quiz was so easy, I finally understood my hair, and got the right products”
- Veda

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Will SkinKraft Suit Your Hair?

Yes, ofcourse!

suit your hair
  • Made to suit your hair: Each ingredient is chosen based on your hair quiz
  • 100% safe products: SkinKraft products are free from harsh chemicals like Parabens, Sulfates, and 24 other red listed chemicals.
  • Advanced ingredients: They are made with 18-MEA, Piroctone Olamine and other best-in-class ingredients of international standard.

FREE Delivery - 1 Million SkinKraft Products Delivered - 1.8 million 5 Star ratings

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Silky Hair From The 1st Wash Or 100% Money Back!

Get SkinKraft for the best version of your hair, instantly

Made for Indian hair

Formulated for you

Custom product colour & fragrance

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Silkier Hair, Or Money Back!

SkinKraft will be the best thing that happens to your hair! But if you are not satisfied with our products, get 100% of your money back, no questions asked!

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