Salon Experts Recommend SkinKraft For 3X Longer, Thicker & Smoother Hair!

9 out of 10 salon experts recommend SkinKraft to their customers!

Know Your Hair

Why Is SkinKraft Most Chosen Among Salon Experts?

✔️ Customized hair care for your scalp type, hair type, texture & its needs.

✔️ Makes the hair frizz-free, detangled, with reduced split ends right from the 1st wash!

✔️ Doesn't contain Parabens, Sulfates etc, that further damage hair

And all it takes to get your customized products is a 2-minute Hair Quiz!

Get Salon-Style Hair Using Your Customized Products!

Your customized 3 product box will work to:

SkinKraft is India's 1st and only hair care brand that uses 18-MEA protein that repairs, nourishes and restores the natural health of your hair.

What Makes SkinKraft’s Hair Care Different?

SkinKraft Others
Hair Quiz and Analysis to know your hair needs & concerns rightwrong
Regimen customized for your hairrightwrong
Made with 100% safe ingredients - no SLS, SLES, Sulfates & Parabens.rightwrong
Shows visible difference in your hair, right from 1st wash rightwrong
Get products home-delivered. Stay safe. Stay at home. right wrong
Using multiple products to know what works best for your hairwrongright
Further damage to hair & scalpwrongright

Top Reviews From Salon Experts!

How To Get Customized Products For Salon-Style Hair?


Take The Hair Questionnaire

Tell us about your hair- its type, texture- and a little more about the goals you want to achieve for your hair. And then, our experts will analyze your hair care needs.


Get Your Detailed Hair Analysis

Your analysis determines the extent of hair damage and the unique mix of ingredients required to address it. See your recommended customized products, and what they do for your hair.


Get Your Customized Products

Choose the right plans for you, and get your customized products for salon-style hair with your name on them, delivered right at your doorstep. Also, get free bottle pumps and your regimen usage instructions with it.

What’s In Your SkinKraft Box

Every SkinKraft shampoo and conditioner is free of harmful chemicals and excessive foaming elements.

It is formulated with 18-MEA to balance water absorption of the hair strand.

Your Customized Shampoo:

  • Deposits the protein on the surface of the scalp
  • Restores the strength and nourishment of the hair
  • Cleanses without further damaging your hair

Your Customized Conditioner:

  • Glides smoothly across the length of the hair strands
  • Releases any tangles, nourishes split ends, and reduces frizz
  • Makes the hair smooth, and shiny

Your Customized Hair Growth Serum:

  • Infused with anti-hair fall ingredients
  • Deep absorption formula for follicle rejuvenation
  • Formulated with Caffeine to stimulates natural hair growth

Here’s What Makes SkinKraft’s Haircare The Safest

Know Your Hair
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