See A Change In Your Hair, From The 1st Wash, With SkinKraft’s Customized Hair Care Products Made For Your Hair.

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India’s 1st Hair Care Products Made With 18-MEA.

The Hair Protein That Will Make Your Hair 3x Smoother, Shinier, Silkier, And Damage-FREE
  • Gentle surfactants help in cleansing the hair without making the scalp dry.
  • 18-MEA helps repair damaged hair and nourish it.
  • The Amino Acid Blend strengthens the hair- preventing breakage and hair fall.
  • The dandruff products work on its root cause- itchiness, dryness, and scalp inflammation.
  • Works to detangle hair, especially wet hair, and adds volume and bounce.
  • Easy-to-use and 100% safe - FREE of parabens, sulfates, and harsh chemicals.

How To Get Your Customized Hair Care Products

Step #1


Take a simple quiz about your hair- its type, texture, and the goals you want to achieve for your hair.

Step #2


Your dermatologist-approved analysis reveals the extent of hair damage and recommends products with the right set of ingredients for it.

Step #3


Choose the right plan for you, and get your products with your name, delivered right to your doorstep.

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- Shaheen, 26, Data Analyst

“My hair had never felt so smooth in just 1 wash!”

“No products have made my hair so smooth, shiny, and soft! I now see the difference the right products can make.

I just love my customized products!

Even 3 days after the wash, my hair does not feel very oily or heavy. I am just amazed by these products. Now skinkraft is my permanent hair care brand.”

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What Is 18-MEA?

A protein found in the outer layer of the hair (cortex).It keeps the hair smooth, soft, and healthy. And also helps reduce hair damage, friction, and frizz, and prevents tangling and breakage.

18-MEA Helps In:

  • Decreasing excessive water absorption that makes hair limp
  • Keeping the hair tangle-free, smooth and soft
  • Reduce frizz and breakage
  • Repair damage caused by sun exposure, pollution, and styling

Your customized SkinKraft products include the 18-MEA protein. Hence you see the change in your hair right from the 1st wash!

With every use, the products build up the lost protein, taking your hair closer to the kind of hair you have always dreamt of!

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SkinKraft Is The Future Of Customized Hair Care - Reasons Why It Is The Best In The Market Today

Other Generic ProductsSkinKraft’s Customized Products
Other Generic Products
Mass-produced products, irrespective of hair type, needs, and texture
Customized products made for your hair type, texture, and needs
Contain harsh chemicals - Parabens, Sulfates, etc.100% safe, and does not contain Parabens, Sulfates, etc.
Sulfates in the shampoo strip the skin of its natural oils, causing a pH imbalance. This makes the scalp dry and roughSulfate-free formulation maintains the pH balance of your scalp, keeping the scalp smooth and healthy
Hair feels frizzy and dry after hair wash because the products wash away the 18-MEA proteinSmooth. Soft hair every wash because the products replenish lost 18-MEA to the hair
Does not repair damage caused by sun exposure and pollutionAntioxidants in the products help repair the damage caused by sun exposure and pollution
Makes the hair dry, brittle, and coarse, increases breakage as wellChange in the hair texture right from the 1st wash
Every wash increases hair fallStrengthens the scalp and works to reduce hair fall

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Nice Product

I received this product eagerly waiting to use this delivery and packaging was very nice



Thank you for your product

Thank you for your protecting cleanser❤️, repair moisture ❤️ and skin lighting serum...

Kritika Ban


Awesome product! :)

This is not just product it was magic 👏
Wow !
Wow !
Wow !
Simply amazing
Every women should try this out




Fabulous skinkraft

This is one of the best product I have tried in my life. The product is damn satisfying and reduced my dandruff a lot. I m using the product since 2 and half months and I love it Thank you skinkraft

Aditi Banerjee



Best hair products

I have been using this shampoo from the past 2 months. It is good overall. If you try once I'm sure you'll fall in love with the shampoo.

No paraben, no sulphate. It makes my hair so shiny and stronger. I will give 5 stars

*Disclaimer: The results may vary for person to person.

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SkinKraft’s Breakthrough Process Has Been Praised With Various Awards & Accolades

Entrepreneur Awards: Best Beauty & Wellness Start-Up Of The Year

Vogue India: Clean Beauty & Inclusivity Award

Cosmopolitan: Best Breakthrough Product Award

Here’s What Makes SkinKraft’s Haircare The Safest

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