Struggling with Hair Loss?
The Root Cause Is Beyond Just Falling Hair.

Understanding Hair Loss vs. Hair Fall:
What Every Woman Should Know.

Know The Difference & Find Customized Hair Care with SkinKraft: Trusted by Over 1.8 Million Indian Women.

Know Your Hair

Unveiling the Difference: Hair Fall vs. Hair Loss in Women

Hair fall is a natural part of the hair growth cycle, characterized by the shedding of weakened strands without significant thinning.

Hair loss on the other hand involves excessive shedding leading to noticeable thinning or bald patches. It can be caused by multiple triggers, such as:

Hair Loss Has Multiple Triggers

Discover The Power Of Customization With SkinKraft!

Say goodbye to hair loss woes with customized hair care made just for you. Experience the changes as you receive specialized care and expert guidance toward stronger, thicker locks.

Here’s What Our Customers Say About Us




Fabulous skinkraft

Whether it's skincare or haircare skincraft saved my life...all my stubborn acne for the past 5 yrs are gone after using and my severe dandruff and itchy scalp is also gone.. thanks skincraft ❤️❤️



I am using this only for one month it's showing a great result I love my skin so much...

After using skinkraft it totally change my life



Best brand

One of the best shampoos for hair, the skinkraft Shampoo is product for dandruff. The shampoo controls the excessive oiling of the scalp, relieves itching and irritation, controls the build of flakes and flaking and is effective for the fungi that cause dandruff. I love this product🥰

Rajani Rajani



With in 2 washes

I have been using skinkraft hair care products since a week, just 2 washes, I could see the results. My hair has become smooth and I had a smooth hair earlier becoz of water change my hair texture got damaged badly, now I am happy that I can hope I will get back my texture back.




It is amezing

I took skin care and hair care product. It is too good . Product are designed for my age,skin . My skin is glowing . Dullness and wrinkles removed. Shampoo and conditioner is too good . It worked very well on my frizzy hair.

Sneha Bhatt



Love My Hair

The products works really good, and it doesn't damage my hair anymore, also I have very very dry scalp but know it is resolved but not full. As the hair product did a pretty good job so I purchased a hair. Hope it will do it's job as well. But I have to be honest, these products are not allergic free, some people might had problems due to some unknow skin issues, for our case me & my mother both have sensitive skin and Skinkraft suit both of us.

Suhana khan



In love with product 1st days use review

Its the first time And just received product last day (very fast delivery with bluw box membership) 📦 I was very disappointed since 3 years with my damage hair dandruff hairfall dry scalp.. its after 3 yrs I felt my hairs in happy mood. Thanks skinscraft. This is genuine review. I will keep posted after 15 days usage and 30 days usage review

No paraben, no sulphate. It makes my hair so shiny and stronger. I will give 5 stars

Shreya Shreya




It is awesome....the shampoo makes my hair smooth and gives natural shine and volume to my hair..and the conditioner makes my hair frizz free

Embark On Your Journey To Combat Hair Loss In Just 3 Simple Steps:



Answer simple questions about your hair characteristics to reveal your Unique Hair Profile.



Based on your answers, get an expert-curated customized regimen to address your specific hair loss issues.



Select a plan that suits you best and receive your unique Hair Care Regimen at your doorstep.With SkinKraft, it’s time to enjoy ongoing support and guidance for healthy, vibrant hair!

More Of Why Our Customers Love Us

Are we claiming too much? We don’t think so.

Because our customers have given us all the reasons to do so.

Some of the customers, who have used SkinKraft for a long time, speak about why they chose SkinKraft, and what it has done for their skin.

What’s In Your SkinKraft Box

Every SkinKraft shampoo and conditioner is free of harmful chemicals and excessive foaming elements.

It is formulated with 18-MEA to balance water absorption of the hair strand.

Your Customized Shampoo:

  • Deposits the protein on the surface of the scalp
  • Restores the strength and nourishment of the hair
  • Cleanses without further damaging your hair

Your Customized Conditioner:

  • Glides smoothly across the length of the hair strands
  • Releases any tangles, nourishes split ends, and reduces frizz
  • Makes the hair smooth, and shiny

Your Customized Hair Growth Serum:

  • Infused with anti-hair fall ingredients
  • Deep absorption formula for follicle rejuvenation
  • Formulated with Caffeine to stimulates natural hair growth

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