SkinKraft- India’s Only Customized Skincare Regimen (Combo)

Find The Right Skincare Products For Your Skin, Only.

With SkinKraft's very own dermatologist approved SkinIDTM Quiz.

A skin analysis quiz, that gives a detailed analysis of:

  • Your skin type, texture, concerns, hydration etc.,
  • What areas of your skin need attention
  • The right ingredients to get healthy, glowing skin

The quiz is based on 10,000 hours of research by skin experts, and most importantly the feedback of Indian women, with different skin needs and types.

Customization + High Quality Ingredients + pH balance + Barrier Repair = Healthy, Glowing Skin


What Are The Benefits Of The SkinKraft Combo Product ?

Coming to your customized box, you get the following products:

  • A Customized Cleanser
  • A Customized Moisturizer
  • A Customized Active

The products, together, work to restore the health of the skin.

By repairing and nourishing the skin barrier.

Composed of ceramides, lipids and other hydrating ingredients, the skin barrier can be damaged due to harsh products.

Your customized products, together, work to repair and protect the skin barrier:

  • The pH balancing cleanser doesn’t include harsh ingredients that dry out the skin, thus retaining the skin barrier
  • The barrier repairing moisturizer, made with ceramides repair the damage barrier, and retain skin’s hydration
  • And lastly, the active, with a healthy barrier work to address specific skin concerns

Products Mades With Top Class Ingredients, For You


Colloidal Oatmeal






Liposomal Retinol


Why SkinKraft?



because one-size fits none



because unlike SkinKraft, general brands do not repair your damaged skin barrier, and that is why they barely work for your skin.



because your skin is different from your mother’s, your sister’s, your best friend’s or anybody else.

And only SkinKraft understands that, and gives your skin the right care it needs!

100% Safe Skincare Products, Made For You.


Dr. Kaustav Guha

Director, R&D Division, SkinKraft Labs

“ At SkinKraft, our team of dermatologists and pharmacists have curated some of the safest, most trusted skincare products.”

Your Safety Is Our Top Most Priority

No Pthalates

No Pthalates

No Parabens

No Parabens



No Formaldehyde

No Formaldehyde

No Animal Testing

No Animal Testing

Here’s What Our Customers Have To Say

“I see a visible change in my skin!”


“Really loving SkinKraft’s skincare”


“I had pores & uneven skin. SkinKraft made my skin smooth & even toned”


“My skin has become so smooth and soft”

- Payal Sharma

“My SkinKraft Skin Care Regimen is all I need for a fresh look!”

-Riya Arora

“I used to have such bad skin, now everyone says I’m glowing.”

- anamika k.
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