What Makes Skinkraft Customized Products Ideal For Your Skin?

At SkinKraft, we’ve spent the last 3 ½ years with eminent skin care specialists (such as dermatologists, cosmetologists and formulators), as well as 800 Indian women from across the country. All in an effort to better understand your skin, its needs and how to best fulfil those needs. Here are some key things we’ve learned so far:

A Brief Of What We’ve Learnt From Our Research


Your Ideal Products Should Suit Your Skin

The most important finding is that the ideal product for your skin has to based on your skin.

That's because your skin's characteristics, nature, and behavior are unique to you. Just like your fingerprints.


Skin Type Is Just The Beginning

Two people can share a common skin type. However, within the same skin type there's often a lot of difference.

For example, you and your friend could share the same skin type, but your friend can be more sensitive to sunlight (Her face gets red and hot when she’s outdoors in the sun). In such a case, you and your friends requirements (and ideal products) are different.


Skin Health Heavily Depends On Its Moisture Levels

The better moisturized your skin, the better your overall skin health.

Multiple factors such as softness, suppleness, glow, and wrinkles are the direct result of your skin’s moisturization level.


Healthy Skin Barrier = Healthy Skin

Your skin's natural barrier, also known as the stratum corneum, holds the key to two critical skin health goals:

  1. How to improve your skin’s health
  2. How to maintain your skin’s health.

The skin barrier holds the key to both of these goals since it regulates moisture and prevents bacteria and other external aggressors from entering your skin.


The outer layer of skin is made up of dead cells called corneocytes. The spaces in between these dead cells (extracellular spaces) usually have a binding substance holding them together like cement.

These substances - ceramides and lipids - get eroded with natural wear and tear, and must be replenished. Regular skin care products seldom address this crucial skin problem.


Hydration of the skin directly depends on the performance of the skin barrier

The binding substances in the dead skin cells layer act as a fence or skin barrier against the environment and our skin.


Heavy Moisturizers Aren't The Answer

Though skin moisture levels are crucial for skin health, heavy moisturizers aren’t the solution. That’s because although the moisturizer offers temporary relief, it doesn’t address the key issue of depleted ceramides and lipids - damage to your skin barrier.

Besides, a heavy layer on top of your skin also leads to breathability issues and the clogged pores.


Barrier Repair formulations are advanced than general moisturizers


Your Skin Is Always Changing

Skin undergoes changes based on many factors. This influences the kind of care your skin needs.

For example, changes in daily routine affect skin - more time spent in the sun, for example, leads to different skin characteristics.

So does the weather, geography, your diet, and your previous skin care routine, to name a few.


pH Imbalance Is A Source Of Skin Trouble

Your skin's ideal pH is between 5.5- 6 - slightly acidic.

This is because your skin pH plays a crucial role in preventing inflammation on your skin by killing off bacteria and other environmental aggressors that make contact with your skin.

Unfortunately, skin’s pH balance can be disturbed by using products with harsh ingredients, like many oil-control face washes. Your pH can also be altered due to overexposure to the sun.

In case of an imbalance, skin becomes dry, can develop white patches and becomes prone to problems such as acne.

If your skin feels “squeaky clean” - dry and tight - after washing, exfoliation or a skin care procedure, it means your skin’s pH has been altered.

Given the above findings, the best daily skin care is one that is free from harmful ingredients, pH balanced, repairs your skin barrier, and most of all, is customized and suitable for your skin.


Maintaining a pH balance is important for the health of your skin

Customization + High Quality Ingredients + pH balance + Barrier Repair = The Perfect Skin Care Products


That’s why, as India’s only dermatologist-approved customized skin care:

  • SkinKraft gets a detailed picture of your skin on four factors (skin Issues, skin care, skin type and lifestyle) with the dermatologist approved SkinIDTM Questionnaire
  • SkinKraft recommends the ideal customized products for for your skin
  • SkinKraft’s ceramide-rich barrier repair formulations repair and protect your skin barrier - stopping excessive water loss and bacterial attacks
  • SkinKraft’s customized moisturizer base are neither too heavy nor too light, but just right for your skin
  • SkinKraft's one-of-a-kind Follow-Up system enables you to map changes in your skin and change your daily products based on your skin’s changing nature
  • SkinKraft facial cleansers are pH balancing, thus protecting the integrity of your skin and it’s natural defense against inflammation, acne and other issues

Get Your Own Customized Products In 2 Simple Steps. Really.


If you’re worried that customized skin care sounds like a lot of work, relax. It’s incredibly easy.

All you need to do is:

  1. Know Your Ideal Products With The SkinIDTM Questionnaire. Click here to begin.
  2. Get Your Unique Daily Skin Care Products

That’s it! And all from the comfort of your favorite chair.


- Nikita Agarwal, 26, Data Analyst

"I'll Never Have To Experiment With My Skin Again!"

“I must say I was very impressed by the process, and the detail with which the products are described. I love my customized products, and I’m happy to know that they’re the safest, purest and best possible products I can be using for my skin!

For somebody like me, who has tried using a lot of products, I know I’ll never have to experiment again… and that makes me very happy!”

Is There More?


Yes, there is in fact a lot more. Our research into this topic has enabled us to tweak our process and products in both big and small ways - so that you get just the perfect products you need for your skin every day of the month, and every month of the year.


Your skin is unique and what it needs is unique

But that information is reserved for people who take our SkinIDTM questionnaire, and for those who have experienced the delight of using products that have been customized for their unique skin and it’s unique needs.

You can experience the same today by taking the SkinIDTM Questionnaire!

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