It’s Never Too Late To Give Your Skin Exactly What It Needs.

Consider this: How many products do you have in your bathroom at this very moment?

On your dresser shelf?

Including the ones in your purse?

If you’re anything like the average person, the answer is too many.

But why?

Is it really the case that you enjoy spending your time and money on researching and buying products that you only use a little of?

Have you ever stopped to wonder why you’re not always happy with your skin care products? Most of which you bought eagerly.

The answer to all of the above lies in one simple, but important truth.

Only Your Skin Knows What Your Ideal Products Are.

Everything else is guessing.

You might think that you know your skin type, that’s enough to buy the skin care you want, but that’s not quite the case. All of us share four common skin types: oily, dry, sensitive and normal (or combination). But pause to consider:

Studies have shown that a very high percentage of women incorrectly self identify

What’s more, each person’s skin differs in characteristics within skin types.

  1. For example, you might share the same skin type as your friend, but your skin requirements will still differ. Her skin might be more sensitive to sunlight than your skin, or your skin might require more hydration than her skin
  2. Your skin’s hydration levels, your lifestyle, and your surroundings determine your skin’s characteristics, and hence its needs
  3. Your skin doesn’t feel the same in winter when compared to the summer. Even though your skin type doesn’t change. Thus, the seasons also determine your skin’s characteristics
  4. The amount of sun exposure, your daily routine, and your nutritional habits also have a role in your skin requirements

Thus, your skin’s current characteristics and needs are unique, and understanding them should be the first step when considering any skin care product purchase.

Daily Damage & The Need For Safe Skin Care

When you give your skin what it uniquely needs, you ensure one of the most important aspects of any product - safety.

Skin is exposed to damage on a daily basis

We don’t even have to tell you what they do to your skin!

But, what we can tell you is what you shouldn’t be doing: using random products on your skin or products that do not suit your skin.

These products, believe us, do nothing for your skin, except pile up the effects of daily damage, making it impossible to repair your skin

But, there’s something you can do- give your skin exactly what it needs.

Why Customization Is The Only Way To Right Skin Care

For skin care that will suit your skin, perfectly, customization is what you need.

Customization as a process takes into account your skin characters- your skin’s hydration levels, your level of sun exposure, how your skin reacts to your current skin care.

Here’s what it also does, for you:

  • You save money by not experimenting on your skin
  • You save time by not searching for skin care
  • You don’t have to rely on your friend's advice or blogger review

All these advantages and it’s not even the best part. Here’s what is:

You spare your skin of any further damage!

Customization Is Actually Very Very Easy

Does it sound like a complicated process? It’s far from it.

There’s nothing involved, with Skinkraft, just a simple questionnaire to understand your skin.

Introducing, SkinKraft’s SkinIDTM Questionnaire!

SkinKraft’s 3 step process to finding the ideal skin care

India’s first skin profiling system is here after 10,000 hours of research by skin care experts- dermatologists, pharmacists. and cosmetologists.

With its accurate characterization, here’s what SkinIDTM does for your skin:

  • Identifies and characterizes your skin requirements based on your questionnaire
  • Gives a detailed report of your skin, what it needs and what is right for you

We’re Not Done Yet!

Apart from understanding your skin, our SkinIDTM system also includes a follow-up process.

A system to keep track of your skin’s changes and its changing needs, but more on that later.

Take the first step to being in charge of your skin, and leave behind days of experimenting with SkinKraft’s SkinIDTM questionnaire!

SkinKraft Wins The Cosmo Beauty Awards - 2019 Edition!

SkinkraftWe wrapped up the Cosmo beauty awards 2019 with the Best Breakthrough Product!

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