Acne Exfoliating Facial Cream For Women 30ml

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  • Moderate / Severe Acne

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Product Description

  • Effectively diminishes the appearance of moderate to severe acne
  • Reduces the appearance of scars, redness and swelling through gentle exfoliation
  • Dissolves the dry, dead layer from the top of your skin
  • Azelaic acid and Tea Tree clear bacteria causing irritation or breakouts and prevent acne scarring

Key Ingredients

Tea Tree

Recommended Use

Use SkinKraft’s Acne Exfoliating Facial Cream once daily. It is suggested you use it at night for the sake of convenience.

Apply 10 minutes after washing your face.

Apply the cream directly on the areas of your face affected by acne. There is no need to apply the cream in areas where acne isn't present

Why Is Acne Exfoliating Facial Cream For Women Better Than Others Available In The Market?

  • Controls the development of acne
  • Exfoliates the skin
  • Repairs and protects the skin with Niacinamide
  • Improves functionality of the skin barrier and nourishes the skin
  • Not efficient in controlling the development of acne
  • Is not effective in cleaning out dead skin cells
  • Leaves skin exposed to damage from external factors
  • Causes damage to the natural skin barrier

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5 15th May 2021

“Just as the name suggests, this is a really advanced product with some effective ingredients. My need to control the acne showing up frequently on my face is now satisfied!”


5 12th May 2021

“It has not just been a great ance control cream for my face but it has also helped in exfoliating my skin giving my face a fresh look”


5 10th May 2021

“My face had around 4-8 pus-filled acne which wouldn’t reduce very easily. But consistently using this cream, the acne doesn’t cause any more damage to my skin”

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