Advanced Skin Brightening And Antioxidant Serum

Quantity: 30ml
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  • Formulated for tan and uneven skin tone
  • Controls excess melanin production and its transfer
  • Lightens skin tone
  • Repairs the skin against effects of pollution

Key Ingredients

Ethyl Ascorbic Acid

Great For

Controlling excess melanin production and its transfer

Here’s What Our Customers Say About Us

Nozneen | 20 Nov 2020

“Going out a lot and staying outdoors, couldn’t do much about it but my skin slowly began to get a few shades darker. And nothing suited my skin when I tried several products to help me with this issue, until I found this serum. Thank you SkinKraft!”

JMiriam | 20 Nov 2020

“Sometimes it gets tough to avoid a tan when you go out alot. Thanks to this serum my skin shade has lightened and uneven skin tone as started to fade away”

Shornali | 20 Nov 2020

“I must admit! By far the most powerful serum I have used to reduce a tan and lighten the skin tone. And I have tried many products out there but this is the most effective”

Saurav | 19 Nov 2020

“I am so happy I found this product. I have been using this as a part of my regular routine and it has been very powerful in helping with my uneven skintone”

Samuel | 18 Nov 2020

“I never took the tan on my face too seriously until it started to get really uneven and odd. Regularly using this serum, my skintone has lightened and my face looks much brighter and even now”

Kushal | 18 Nov 2020

“I’m not too worried about getting a serious tan, now that I have found this serum”

Vandana | 17 Nov 2020

“This is a very powerful serum and has helped in repairing my skin against damage caused by the sun, excess pollution and dust”

Vaishali | 17 Nov 2020

“Found this serum just at the right time when started to notice an uneven tone on my skin. My skin has now stopped becoming darker and darker”

Sai Kiran | 15 Nov 2020

“This serum has proven to be very effective for the tan and the uneven skintone on my face”

Sailesh | 13 Nov 2020

“My face never matched the tone of my neck and arms. But, ever since I started using this Serum my overall complexion has improved so much and my skin tone is now much better than earlier.”

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