Anti Ageing & Antioxidant Booster Shot For Men

Anti Ageing & Antioxidant Booster Shot For Men

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Anti Ageing & Antioxidant Booster Shot

The last step in your recommended skin care regimen is addressing your signs of ageing. This step enhances the cell turnover process- an increase in the production of new cells and shedding old cells.

Your ideal active is the anti-ageing antioxidant booster that addresses your fine lines and wrinkles through increased collagen production. The potent ingredients enure enhances penetration and efficiency at a low dosage.

An Anti- Ageing & Antioxidant Booster Shot is recommended for your skin as it:

  • Rejuvenates & Renews Skin Cells with Liposomal Retinol that ensures the healthy generation of new skin cells. Liposomal retinol penetrates into deeper skin layers and boosts the skin-supporting proteins collagen and elastin. It also increases the production of collagen.
  • Restores & Rejuvenates Your Skin Surface with Niacinamide, a derivative of Vitamin B3. It enhances the skin’s glow by increasing the production of new skin cells and shedding off dead skin cells. The faster cell turnover process enables the skin to look smooth and firm.
  • Prevent Cell Damage with the powerful antioxidant, Resveratrol, that increases cell production and protects them from environmental damage. This enables the antioxidant to brighten the skin and address signs of premature aging.

Quantity: 30 gm

Formulated For: 30 days

How To Use: After cleansing, take a sufficient amount of products into your palm and apply it all over your face. To be strictly used at night only. Apply sunscreen during the day. For the first week, wash off the product 30 mins after application.

Note: Not recommended for use after beauty treatments (waxing, facial, laser & chemical peels). Not to be mixed with any other skin treatments and medications. Not advised for pregnant women. For best results, use regularly for at least 3 months. Moisturizer can be used 30 minutes after applying the product.

Ingredients: Liposomal Retinol, Niacinamide, Resveratol