Ceramide NG with Peptides Pro-Growth Hair Serum

Ceramide NG with Peptides Pro-Growth Hair Serum


₹ 799.00

Ceramide NG with Peptides Pro-Growth Hair Serum

What It Does

The Pro-Growth Hair Serum is infused with anti-hair fall ingredients. The ultra-modern serum is mild on the scalp but goes deep to rejuvenate and strengthen the hair follicles- preventing hair fall.

Simultaneously, it also stimulates the follicles for new hair growth and slows down hair greying.

  • In the serum, the ceramides act as a conditioning agent, that lock in the nutrients and strengthen each hair strand. It helps restore the natural appearance of the hair.
  • Peptides are proteins that when applied to the hair stimulate natural hair growth, and are also known to improve hair color.
  • The Antioxidants promote healthy hair growth by protecting the strands and follicles against cell damage. They also act as a catalyst to hair growth by increasing the blood and nutrient supply to the scalp.
  • The Caffeine in the serum stimulates hair growth by increasing blood circulation to the hair follicles. This also make the hair stronger, fuller and thicker.

How To Use

Apply 4-5 drops on the scalp and massage it in. Use twice a week before shampooing. For best results, apply at night for even absorption.

Quantity: 60 ml

Formulated For: 60 days of usage