Lactic + Hyaluronic Acid Age-Lock Serum

  • Exfoliate dead skin cells, dirt, grime & acne-causing bacteria from pores
  • Deeply hydrates skin, making it look smooth and plump
  • Helps reduce fine lines, wrinkles, dark spots other signs of ageing
  • Makes skin bright, firm and even-toned
  • Brings out the skin’s natural glow
Rs. 699 Rs. 599/-

Quantity: 15 ml

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No Parabens
No Phthalates
No Animal Testing

Great For

All Skin Types

Here’s What Our Customers Say About Us

Neil | 3rd May 2021

I loved this age lock serum, it keeps my skin from drying out and also makes it look so fresh and young.

Seema | 5th May 2021

I started noticing fine lines on my forehead from the past few months. With this serum, they have actually started fading away. It is sooo good.

Shubhi | 6th May 2021

This age lock serum works better than any anti ageing cream. It is non-sticky and suits so well on my skin.

Nimit | 9th May 2021

This is the first time i used a serum after my wife recommended it to me. I am so glad i listened to her and bought this. Love the product.

Palzom | 12th May 2021

I have got very dry skin, it becomes very tight and stretchy. But with this serum my skin remains moisturized and glowing throughout the day.

Syesha | 12th May 2021

I did not expect too much before buying this serum, but I am so surprised by the results after using it. I would recommend this to everybody.

Nidhi | 13th May 2021

After completing 1 week of usage I can feel the difference. I highly recommend it to all the ladies. Thank you so much skinkraft. 😍

Raghav | 15th May 2021

I have never focused too much on my skincare. Actually that’s what makes this product so good. With such little effort, I get such good skin.

Kunal | 18th May 2021

This serum is actually worth the money. Love the results. Thanks Skinkraft!

Divya | 19th May 2021

Me and my sister, both of us use this serum and we are both sooo happy with the results. It actually does what it says.

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