Key Ingredients

Aloe Barbadensis

Great For

Oily Skin

Why Is SkinKraft’s Sebum Control Face Cleanser Better Than Others Available In The Market?

  • Removes excess sebum without disturbing its pH balance
  • Hydrates and improves skin texture with Glycerin
  • Prevents the loss of moisture with Polyquaternium
  • Is not capable of controlling excess sebum production
  • Causes imbalance in the skin’s natural barrier and pH
  • Cause dehydration in the skin

Here’s What Our Customers Say About Us

Shreya | 30 Nov 2020

“I have always had naturally oily skin and no cleanser has worked effectively for me. But I’m really glad I found this product because it helps in removing the excess oil on my face and keeps it controlled”

Tanya | 27 Nov 2020

“Finally a cleanser that can help me control the oil on my face without making it too dry and rough”

Michelle | 27 Nov 2020

“My friend suggested that I try this product and I am soo happy I did. It effectively does what it claims”

Harshith | 25 Nov 2020

“Been using this for the past couple of months and I am so satisfied with the results. Doesn’t cause any irritation or excessive dryness but keeps the skin well hydrated and removes excess oil”

Richard | 25 Nov 2020

“Consistently using this face wash I have noticed clogged pores on my face visibly clear out and smoothen”

Sathya | 24 Nov 2020

“Every time I start to feel my face getting really oily, I make sure to wash my face with this, and really works wonders. Effectively takes away the excess oil and keeps it under control”

Abhishek | 24 Nov 2020

“I have noticed how my skin doesn’t become excessively oily after I started using this and clearing out the pores on my face”

Sara | 23 Nov 2020

“This product really does what it claims. I don't have to worry anymore about clogged pores showing on my face”

Sushma | 23 Nov 2020

“I’m so glad I found this. I was tired of having to try so many different cleansers which didn’t work for me. And But this product has really been so efficient in controlling the oil on my face”

Sowmya | 21 Nov 2020

“I used to struggle with preventing my face from becoming too oily. But ever since I started using this product the excess oil production is well under control”

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