SkinKraft Barrier Repair Serum

SkinKraft Barrier Repair Serum

Skin Identity

Rs. 1,599.00

A moisturizing serum with ceramides that offers optimal hydration to an oily skin surface, and repairs your skin’s natural barrier against water loss

A Barrier Repair Serum is recommended for your skin as it:

  • Hydrates your oily skin without making it sticky, heavy or greasy
  • Repairs your skin’s natural barrier by restoring essential ceramides and fatty acids
  • Curbs the growth and development of acne and other microbial activity and inflammation
  • Regulates excess water loss from the skin surface

The moisturizer has ingredients that are specifically suited for the key functions listed above. They include:

  1. Serum (water) base with humectants, that effectively hydrates oily skin without causing pore blockage, heaviness or greasiness
  2. Ceramide EOP, a skin conditioning agent that nourishes the damaged skin barrier and regulates excess water loss from the skin
  3. Ceramide AP, a naturally derived moisturizing agent that restores and protects the health of the skin’s natural barrier.
  4. Ceramide NP, a naturally derived moisturizing agent that reduces excess water loss from the skin
  5. Phytosphingosine, a naturally occuring compound in the human body, formed by the breakdown of ceramides. Its antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties address and curb any microbial activity in your skin

Dimethicone, is a skin protectant and conditioner that has unique fluidity, making the product easily spreadable and light on the skin. Dimethicone also makes the texture of your skin smoother.