Vitamin C Skin Radiance Kit

Vitamin C Skin Radiance Kit

Introducing SkinKraft’s Radiance Kit, packed with the goodness of Vitamin C in 4 premium skincare products.

With the goodness of Vitamin C, address skin damaged by sun exposure and bring out your natural glow.

Begin the festivities with the best skincare, for you and your loved ones.

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MRP: RS. 2096Rs. 1050

Premium Products That Make The Vitamin C Skin Radiance Kit Special

Here’s what you get in your Vitamin C Skin Radiance Kit :

Syndet Facial Cleanser

A mild face wash for thorough cleansing and smooth skin. The soothing ingredients in this cleanser calm irritated skin and prevent further inflammation.

Brightside Night Cream

night cream infused with antioxidants that works on damaged skin and helps reduce pigmentation. It also helps reduce the appearance of dark spots, offering clear, even skin.

Brightside Facial Serum

Enriched with a combination of highly effective ingredients, this serum helps generate collagen and reduce dark spots & pigmentation, to reveal a healthy glow.

Brightside Toner

Formulated with Vitamin C, rose water, and green tea, the toner helps soothe skin, control excess oil and maintain skin’s pH balance.

More Details On The Vitamin C Skin Radiance Kit

  • Syndet Facial Cleanser - 60 ml
  • Brightside Night Cream - 30 ml
  • Brightside Facial Serum - 30 ml
  • Brightside Toner - 100 ml

Note: Limited Edition Gift Boxes are not eligible for any replacement or refund claims.


Roohi Fatima | 24 Years


Really like the products in this box. Mainly the cleanser and the serum.

Anvi Singhania | 19 Years


Love this Vit C kit. Makes my skin look and feel so fresh and radiant.

Ameena Raza | 22 Years


Amazing products!

Jhanvi Shah | 32 Years


My skin is actually glowing and smooth after using this. Perfect for my skin.

Suhana Rajpal | 29 Years


Best products. Skin has become a lot better after I starter using these products.

Jyotsana Patil | 26 Years


I just love this Vit C kit from skinkraft. It has all the products I need for my glowing skin. Perfect for daily use. I highly recommend it!

Falak Khanna | 36 Years


I love such kind of all-in-one skincare boxes. I've been using this one for a month and I just love all the products for my skin. Totally go for this everyone!

Ojaswi Mathur | 22 Years


Great products at this price point.. It’s a total value for money and the products are very good as well.

Sheena Reddy | 28 Years


I gifted this to my sister, and she loves each and every product in this box. This is the perfect gifting set for skincare lovers!

Babita Singh | 25 Years


These products made my skin so glowing, fresh and beautiful! I’m totally satisfied with this kit and definitely going to buy it again!.

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