Key Ingredients

Lauryl Glucoside
Olive Oil
Chamomile Extract

Great For

Sensitive Skin

Why Is SkinKraft’s Ultra Smooth Face Cleanser Better Than Others Available In The Market?

  • Cleanses without irritating or sensitizing the skin
  • Hydrates skin with the soothing and nourishing effects
  • Relieves redness and skin sensitivity
  • Counters skin irritation and dryness
  • Disturbs natural pH balance of the skin
  • Causes skin irritation
  • Does not offer a soothing or nourishing effect to the skin
  • Makes skin excessively dry

Here’s What Our Customers Say About Us

Nithin | 29 Nov 2020

“I really love the ingredients that this cleanser is made up of! And it has helped a lot in soothing the sensitive skin on my face”

Aisha | 29 Nov 2020

“Redness on my face has been a lasting issue for me until I started regularly using this product. It has been really effective in relieving the redness and sensitivity on my face”

Andrew | 27 Nov 2020

“Trying this product was the wisest choice I made. Really soothes my skin and keeps it well hydrated”

Carol | 27 Nov 2020

“This cleanser has now become a permanent part of my skincare routine because nothing else works perfectly for me other than this in relieving the redness on my face”

Aashish | 26 Nov 2020

“Sensitive and dry skin is no more a problem for me, thanks to SkinKraft!”

Lawrence | 25 Nov 2020

“I have regularly been using this for the past few months and I am so happy with the consistent results in relieving redness and the dryness from my face”

Shane | 24 Nov 2020

“This product has been so efficient in keeping my dry skin hydrated and well-nourished”

Aarthi | 24 Nov 2020

“I love how smooth and light this cleanser feels on my face without causing any dryness or roughness”

Nisha | 24 Nov 2020

“Even during cold weather, I have noticed how nourished and moisturized my skin feels when I wash my face using this cleanser”

Shanta | 24 Nov 2020

“Love the natural ingredients of this cleanser and the effective results that it has shown. This is the perfect product for my highly sensitive and dry skin”

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