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Cleansing for oily skin 

People with oily skin need to deep cleanse but not over cleanse. Over cleansing removes the natural oils from your skin. Skinkraft recommends a sebum (oil) control cleanser for oily skin. 

Moisturizing for oily skin 

It is a myth that oily skin does not require moisturization. Oiliness and hydration are two different things and irrespective of the skin type, everyone needs to hydrate the skin. People with oily skin require a moisturizer that is not greasy or heavy. 

Skinkraft’s moisturizer for oily skin contains ceramides. Ceramides are lipids (fats) that are found naturally in high concentrations in the uppermost layers of skin. They help skin retain moisture and strengthen its protective barrier. 

SkinKraft recommends a third product in the customized skin care regimen if there is a  primary skin concern. 

If you want to know about your skin type and skin health, take the SkinID™ questionnaire now. 

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